Yvonne Keep, FNP-C, Family Medicine – The Corvallis Clinic at Waverly Drive/Albany

I really enjoy being a nurse
practitioner. I never thought in the beginning that I could make it through.
I had trouble in algebra in school, but there’s not a day that I regretted being
able to be out there and be with the public. Well, I am a mother of six grown
children, and eight grandchildren. I have a 37 year old child with special needs,
well he’s actually a middle-aged man as he tells me, and I enjoy being with my
family, watching them grow, watching the grand kids grow, and see how much they
favor their parents when they were little. Some of my hobbies, we have two
horses that I occasionally get to spend time with. We have a plethora of chickens,
I love genealogy, I have a passion for tracing my family roots back and it’s a
passion that you sit down with, and you can’t stop in a few minutes, you’re there
for hours. It was really funny I used to read all the Cherry Ames books when I
was back in eighth grade, that really dates me, and I decided oh I wanted the
cap and the cape and do all the wonderful things that cherry Ames did
and then at the age of 16 my grandfather became really ill and Christmas Eve and
he went into the brand-new coronary care unit of our new little hospital in
Michigan and I just became fascinated and from then on I was going to be a
nurse that’s what drove me into it so that I could understand more and maybe
help people like my grandpa not to have suffered as he did and the one thing
that’s been amazing is since I became a nurse in 1973 the technology I’ve grown
with it and the wealth of knowledge once again that I’ve accumulated has been
huge and I figured that I could go on to advanced practice nursing and work with
people to help them keep currently healthy and to have an active lifestyle
I think patients would like to come see me because I’m down-to-earth I work in a
team effort with them we approach things together I’ve been through some of the
same I try not to dictate to them and we work
as a collaborative team what makes my job rewarding is to have a see a patient
and have them come back in a couple of weeks and say gee I feel great this
medication is working or I’m glad you took me off that medication to watch my
little newborn babies come in for their first visit and to watch them grow and
see them check in with them each couple of months and to sit and visit with my
older patients that have had life long histories and just to enjoy the being
with them you

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