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i’m going to talk tonight about something
that i’m very passionate about and something that affects all of us all of us have kids or have grandchildren that are
involved in the local community with the youth that we
have and we don’t want to see them get injured you know this is really part of the
national campaign to help raise awareness about some of the
overuse and tramatic injuries we’re seeing in our kids and what we can do to hopefully understand it better and
prevent these injuries i’m going to share some data with you which will probably startle you about the severity of the problem that’s out there and what we’re seeing
in our offices and this is just a slide here showing two different soccer teams three years apart and the girls on the
right have all had to have medical treatment for injuries where they’ve had to be
hospitalized have surgery or go to a physician’s office because of injuries so youth sports injuries it’s a big
issue right now there is an epidemic of childhood obesity and what dr. oz says we’re
basically eating yourselves to death in this country so michelle obama has championed the
lets move campaign which i think it’s a great thing championed the benefits of activity healthy lifestyles sports the goal is really to raise a healthier
generation of kids because obesity is really i think
our number one major public health and it’s a major
physical threat to our country right now with the huge deficit a lot of what we spend on medicare goes
to treating the consequences of obesity diabetes heart disease diabetic foot ulcers problems with problems such as that hypertension
high cholesterol all those are affected by obesity so one of the goals is to
really keep people active so that we don’t have to spend so
much money on that but there’s a paradox going on right now because of all the pressure from sports
and those that are active we have this epidemic of childhood obesity but we’re also seeing
an epidemic of sports injuries in our young people and there’s been a lot of effects of
modern sports on our children there’s higher expectations there’s for those of you are coaches
you see that kids are doing things that they could not do five years ago people that work at ski club vail
they know that the kids are doing tricks that didn’t even exist a few
years ago so they’re pushing for higher bigger jumps faster speeds higher expectations of what they can do there is also more specialization when i was
a kid i played baseball in the summer and spring summer was off i played football in the
fall winter i recreationally skied now kids are being forced to age eight nine to specialize one sport they are playing all year round we don’t
see it as much here but in the southeast for example they are playing year round baseball these kids are just basically destroying
their body’s because they’re over training and overusing their bodies there’s more intense coaching and
training we see these camps for kids to get involved there is pressure from peers from parents from society to perform at higher levels and there’s a quote that is
probably appropriate in many cases where kids are really being used as pawns in a
parents game in some circumstances and there’s also this pressure to win
this is a video here from university of new mexico played BYU in a soccer game last
year and this is one of the athletes and this
was not picked up this was not picked up during the game none of these actions were picked
up until afterwards when they reviewed the video this is the same athlete you know the pressure to win at all costs here is
kind of demonstrated here this is the most gruesome one of all i mean it’s in all levels of sport seems pretty tense there’s significant pressure i think it’s not just it’s not just
for the athletes the parents in many cases have gone from supportive fans to disruptive
influences we see pressure like freddy adu
named to the national team at age thirteen signed a nike contract that’s a lot of pressure on it twelve or
thirteen year old trying to figure out what to do coaches and referees in many cases
have quit due to parental pressure when we were in boston we had this case
thomas junta who actually murdered another parent at the hockey game because he was
upset that his son wasn’t playing and so there’s extreme examples like this
which we use to highlight the point but this is something that we see at all the
event games where we see parents getting out of control with little kids that are this big
playing a game that is suppose to be fun and why you ask why does this happen well sports in many cases become
a vehicle this is the movie the blind side it can be a ticket to a better life and scholarships may hinge on an
athletes skill the celebrity status for high-level athletes and there’s also the
financial aspects of it if you can make it to these elite levels there are
financial aspects of it but the issue that many of us don’t realize is
it’s a super steep pyramid there’s lots of kids that played little league baseball there’s fewer kids that play high school
baseball there’s fewer kids that play college
baseball and there’s very few kids that make it to the professional level the major league baseball level there’s it is so rare for somebody to make
it to that level but if they do it there are huge benefits that can occur then we are seeing increasing injuries in our children
and these are all kids i have taken care of here is a kid that came in on halloween
with a sore shoulder probably from putting his stripes on that is my nephew in the middle there
and i think he had a hot dog in his glove we are seeing increasing injuries in
our children just today as i mentioned i saw five high school
girls all who have had surgery in the last three months from our community i saw another kid
who was in gymnastics got a concussion and hurt her shoulder so
it’s happening right in our community and this leads me to the data from the
this sports trama and overuse program which is really a national injury
campaign this really started because people started recognizing that there
was an epidemic of preventable and that’s really the key word is that we
can actually do something about it youth sports injuries and organizations and different corporation
started to come together and and say we need to do something about
this so that we can teach parents coaches athletes and health care providers about the
problem so that we can understand it better and hopefully prevent injuries and the campaign really focuses on
youth sports initially started out with 12 sports now it is up to over 21 sports and they try to take the best available data
and compile it and say what are the major causes of injuries in these sports and how
can we prevent it these are the organizations that came
together there are a number of sports medicine organizations pediatrics orthopaedic surgeons youth sports like little league and
professional leagues medical institutions like the cleveland clinic our clinic has come with this vail valley medical center
the youth foundation we have done some talks so we’re trying
to get this into a grassroots effort to really tell people about this problem and make them
aware of that we can hopefully improve our outcomes for our kids

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