Your M-Home at the University of Michigan Medical School

(bright, upbeat music) – Here at Michigan we
are extremely excited that we are transforming the model of medical student education to one that lays an amazing
foundation of science but integrates it throughout
the clinical setting. One that focuses on the student and their development path throughout all of the
years of their training. One that provides them
with coaching and mentoring and advising and builds
a community for them so that they can develop and set the goals and achieve the goals that they set for themselves, with help. – As a core component
of the new curriculum, we are launching a learning community. The learning community at
Michigan is called the M-Home. At medical school some students will find that they need more guidance and support in terms of their academics
or work, life balance. Some others may need help with professional identity formation. Helping them to determine what type of physician
they want to become. The structure of M-Home allows us to identify these needs quickly and to really provide deliberate and individualized attention to students. When we look at the structure, basically every student
in the medical school is placed into one of four houses. Each house will have
approximately 170 students which would break down to
about 43 from each class. As a member of that house, you would stay with that same group throughout your training at Michigan. Within each house, each
class is broken down into smaller groups of
about 10 to 12 students and paired with two faculty mentors. The faculty are going to have
some different roles for you. So one will be to provide mentoring and to lead a group within
the doctoring course. The intent is to teach students key skills that are necessary to become an outstanding
kind of physician. But they’ll also have an
emphasis on critical aspects that aren’t necessarily learned or attainable sort of in a text book. – It’s a professional development
group in a lot of ways. It’s meant to be a place where you’re practicing
professional skills like your clinical doctoring skills, where you’re discussing issues in how you develop as a professional. – [Michael] We do this in several ways. Some is looking through the
wellness of the individual through either self-reflection
or small group activities and also helping you to achieve
an early work, life balance. – [Rajesh] You’ll also be connected with students in other years that will be part of your
home and your group as well. Which is an enormously great opportunity to benefit from the wisdom of those that have some before you. – I think it’s gonna be exciting. I think it’s gonna be an experience where you will feel
yourself becoming a leader with other people. – Working through, you
know, ethical questions, policy questions, really
getting to the nitty-gritty of the hard parts of medicine that you really need to talk about and are really hard to
just teach, you know. There is a lot of
ambiguity in human nature and in the human experience
and the M-Home is where all this is going to be addressed. – There are many paths through medicine. Early on in your first and
second year, having a space and having mentors that you see every week across all four years to talk about, what do I want to do with my career? Do I want to be an academic? Do I want to be in private practice? Maybe I want to go into consulting. And I think it’s a
recognition of our graduates feeling like they could
excel in many different ways. So to me, that’s exciting.

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