Your Healing Place – Spine Surgery | Marin General Hospital

Meet professional photographer, Adrian Hyman. A man who has never been able to sit back, relax, and let life pass by. I have always had great motor skills with my hands. I built two homes, restored Italian
sports cars, done all kinds of things. Inactivity was not Adrian’s strong suit. To say he was surprised to be drained and lacking energy is a complete understatement. I was experiencing total fatigue, loss of balance, tingling in both of
my hands, weakness in my arms, not being able to
lift anything more than two pounds, and pain in my left arm. I also lost the
ability to button my shirts, to do anything with really finite control with my
fingers, and that was very scary. At the suggestion of his primary care physician, Adrian had an MRI. It revealed a severely compressed spinal cord. A condition that required a highly complex surgical procedure. He found the necessary level of expertise at Marin General Hospital. so when I called my wife I think the first
words out of her mouth were “Well let us get a second opinion.” and I remember saying, “nope Doctor Su has given me the confidence, he has explained everything, he is
changing his surgery schedule around to fit me in,” and I said, “this is a real serious
situation and I do not want to go see anybody else.” No second opinion, I am all set. Their expertise was evident at every turn. I really do not think that my care at Marin General Hospital could have been any better. And I am not just making that up. I wake up every day with such
great appreciation. All of the symptoms that I was experiencing are gone and it has been an incredible recovery. I am Adrian Hyman and this is my Healing Place. Special thanks to Arturo Saldano Training in Petaluma, California Stephanie Burlington of Hidden Creek Ranch. And of course her beautiful horse “Tango.”

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