Your donations at work – Gabbard Health Clinic

Thanks to the support from the United
Way, Metro Ministries is able to feed, to shelter, and to build futures for so many
hungry and homeless in our community. We serve over 7,000 people a year.
8,000 meals a month. It’s an incredible job that we have to
take care of this community, and we can only do it with the help of the United
Way donors. I’ve been doing this 30 years at this place. This is the best spent money I know of. Our Gabbard Health Clinic was founded in
1985 and it is operated by volunteer doctors and nurses and
physician assistants. We have over 1,700 patient visits every year that are
provided free of charge and that it matters not what is wrong we can try to
help you be better and we can also provide the prescriptions.
We give them medicine, which is given to us or we buy it for nearly nothing or we get it from
donor money. You know one of the fun things about being involved at Metro Ministries is I get to help bust up a lot of myth because people assume that
those who are coming to us are just panhandlers on the corners when in fact
we serve many families every day. You know, I think the biggest surprise to the community of Corpus Christi is that we are so many programs on one small
footprint of property. We do have residential living for homeless women
and homeless women with children, for young women aging out of foster care.
We have a Rustic House program for men who need our help. We have the Gabbard Clinic for free health care, Vineyard Social Services helps people get back on their
feet, get better education, get back to jobs. And, of course, our Loaves & Fishes
cafeteria: two meals a day, Monday through Friday and weekends for civic groups
helps make sure that no one goes hungry in our community. If you believe that a
rising tide lifts all boats or makes life better for everyone that’s what Metro Ministries does, and that’s why Metro matters.

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