Your Choices – Breast Cancer Care at Maine Medical Center

>>DR. TELLER: It used to be that women diagnosed
with breast cancer faced few options for treatment.>>DR. BATTELLI: Today, many women have a series
of choices to make about their breast cancer treatment. Choices about surgical options, chemotherapy,
radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, and clinical trials.>>DR. TELLER: A cancer diagnosis can be difficult
enough to absorb, but then you have to make all of these decisions. It’s important that you take the time to ask
questions and weigh your choices. Your entire care team is here to support you
and answer your questions so you can make informed choices.>>DR. BATTELLI: We help you balance the clinical
evidence with your values and preferences. It’s called shared decision making.>>DR. TELLER: Because we want to help you make the
decisions you can live with. [music]

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