Younker Rehabilitation Clinic | UnityPoint Health – Des Moines | Iowa

Younker Rehabilitation is an IRF and
inpatient rehab facility it is a hospital that specializes in
rehabilitation we’re expanding our rehab unit in the hospital and now we’re
expanding the same process that we use in the hospital to the community setting,
we’re trying to bring all the weight and force of the organization the tools,
mechanisms of chronic medical record and take the model of the inpatient rehab
unit and place it in the community and outpatient clinic. We have physical
occupational and speech therapy all at one setting and we have a rehab
physician at the same site. We see patients who have had strokes, spinal
cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, multiple traumas, also see
patients who have had just long debilitating hospitalizations. Other
services we offer and the clinic include physical therapy, hand therapy, speech
therapy, occupational therapy and driving evaluations. Yes, we take care of a
specific problem someone comes in at stroke, we’re rehabbing them for their
stroke but while they’re on a rehab unit we have a greater timeframe to look at
the whole patient in in their entirety. That is, while you may be three to four
days in the hospital with the stroke, you probably be on rehab 2 to 3 weeks, we can
look in monitoring your blood pressure better we can look at how you’re
adapting and coping with it, we can look at your nutrition, look all sorts of aspect
in a holistic view this is sort of that bridge of getting the patient home and
looking at all sorts of issues that otherwise might fall through the cracks.
So, we have this sort of a conduit we’re there and can assess patients who are
having these functional issues on outpatient basis, and if they meet the
right criteria then we can look at admitting them straight into a rehab
hospital bypassing the emergency room and hospital stay rather than reinventing
the wheel, we have the continuum we do the therapies in the hospital we made
two therapies at home, and then we go to the outpatient clinic. So, this is a
commitment by the organization to deliver high quality therapy care in a
multidisciplinary approach across the whole continuum and integrate people
back into the lifestyle they want to live.

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