Young Wuhan doctor dies of COVID-19; China confirms hundreds of prison infections

now over in China healthcare
professionals are sacrificing their lives fighting the virus on the front
lines yet another one of them has died in ohon also it’s emerged that more than
500 cases across China are in prisons Aram Jiyeon has more a 29 year old
respiratory doctor has fallen victim to kovat 19 the health authorities in new
Han China the epicenter of the outbreak say dr. pong in ha died on Thursday
having contracted the virus while treating patients in fact to help those
people he had reportedly delayed his wedding but doctors in China are
speaking to the media at least are trying to stay strong the epidemic is
awful but Foss medics the risk of infection can be reduced if we protect
ourselves in scientific ways according to China’s National Health Commission as
of Thursday the country had reported 889 new cases 631 of which were in Hebei
province it says there were also 118 more deaths 115 of which were in Hubei
more than 2,000 patients in who Bay are reportedly in critical condition this
brings the total number of confirmed infections in China to more than 75
thousand 400 and a death toll to more than 2,200 another revelation is that
among China’s cases more than 500 are in prisons across the country who Bay
province said Friday that the announcement of the prison cases was
delayed because prisons had not been included in the reporting system
officials said prisons in Hubei province had at least 271 cases most of which are
in ohon’s women’s prison and outside of Hebei prison infections accounted for
most of Thursday’s 258 new cases at least 200 prisoners and seven guards
have tested positive in a prison in the Eastern Province of Shandong and at
least 34 prisoners were confirmed infected in the southern province of
Jiujiang on Geo Arirang news

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