Young Person’s Clinic – What’s It All About?

I’m nervous… …but I’m so glad I am getting tested. Hello my name is Janice, how can I help? Hello, I am here for the Young Persons Clinic. If you can fill this form, front and back, for me… …and just take a seat please. Thanks very much. Female patient 333. Thanks, I’ll just give you a clinic number. This is your clinic number. You’ll be called through… …from the main waiting area and all your
information will be kept confidential. Thank you very much. It’s great! I could just walk straight into the Young Persons Clinic to get my contraception. It’s great that George from SHOT has come with me today! The form suggests you’ve got not symptoms or problems today. Normally we’d ask people to take a self-taken swab,
is that okay? Thanks fine. It’s very easy and painless. Place the swab up inside, rotate it around for 30 seconds and then snap it off into the pot. Is that okay? Thanks fine. Male patient 12345. Hello, I’m Georgina and I’m one of the doctors here. What can I do for you today? I want a check up to make sure everything is OK. That is something we could do for you. At first I’m going to take some of your sexual history. Give as much information as possible for us to do the right tests. And after that, I’ll show you the toilets, so you can do your urine sample. OK? That’s fine. Any problems? No. I will take you to a Health Advisor, they’ll talk to you about other sexual health services in Cardiff. Your results: you’ll get a text message in 2 to 3 weeks… …and will hopefully say that all the tests were negative. If there is a problem we would give you a phone call. Any questions? No. Great! My contraception done… …for another three months, I have some condoms as well! Please take a seat. Hello, my name is Julia. One of the doctors asked me to see you. I understood that you want more information about sexual health services in Cardiff and the Vale. I would like to know what services are available
closer to my address. We have community sexual health clinics
in Cardiff and the Vale… …and the information is listed in this leaflet. (Left screen) I am Janine. I’m going to take your blood. Is that okay? Yes. You will receive the results in three weeks and the sample will be sent off this afternoon . (Right screen) Thank you! (Left screen) That was not too bad. We also have the Sexual Health Outreach Team in Cardiff… …and they offer you support in relation to sexual health. So here’s the information about the team. And on the back of this card there is information about the C-Card… …the free condom scheme in Cardiff and the Vale. Is there anything else I can help you
with? No thank you. You’ve been very helpful. Bye! Goodbye. That was not too bad. Everyone was really nice. How was it? It was really good.

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