You Could Get Stuck with a Bad Primary Care Physician (PCP) – HMO Myth

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Do you like your
primary care physician? MAN 1: I was concerned that we would
not have our choice of doctors, but so far we’ve been very
happy with all the doctors and the choices that we’ve had. MAN 2: But I think there’s
probably a wide range, and you can certainly
interview doctors until you were
comfortable with one. WOMAN 1: I’ve had an HMO for 12 years. My current primary
care physician I’ve been with for two years. So when I switched doctors,
I checked all the doctors that were available within my
network and my current HMO, compared hours,
compared ratings, and then I finally chose one
that I really, really liked. NARRATOR: According to an
independent, national study, HMO and PPO members rated
their primary care physicians about the same. Having a good relationship with
your primary care physician is really important. So, if you’re not
happy with yours, you can choose a new one. To learn more about
HMOs, visit our website. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC ENDS]

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