YORK MEDICAL CENTER : York Pharmacy (876) – 906-3108

Hello! Hi! Welcome to York medical and emergency care. I am doctor Andrew Green, and I’m the family doctor at York medical and emergency care. At this facility we
provide general medical care services. Essentially as a family
doctor. We also provide lab services as well. We have the biomedical which is also stationed
here, and provides lab services for, for our patients.
In addition to that, we are also having visiting consultants. Perhaps maybe
about 2 or 3 consultants will come in and can see patients here as well. We are a 24hr facility to provide general healthcare services. Very importantly in our 24hr facility We have a wound care clinic, which means that someone can come in virtually any time of the day and have dressings done. If you have injuries,
laceration, bruises cuts and so on you can come in, in the middle of the night very early morning and a nurse can attend to you. A doctor is here on call as well. I’m very excited to start this venture and our commitment is to
provide excellent health care services and to look after our family of patients and clients

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