Yellowhead Medical Clinic 2019

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pardsa200sl276slmult1f0fs22lang9 Welcome to the Yellowhead Medical Clinic located at
526 Mary St in Shoal Lake Manitoba. Our clinic office is conveniently located close to downtown
and is attached to the long term care homes with a view of the Beautiful Lions Park at
the lake. par We have a wheelchair accessible building with
automatic doors that lead inside to our lobby. You will be greeted by our friendly clinic
manager who assists the doctors with the information they need. par
Our examining rooms are clean and private, equipped with standard and modern technology
to give each patient the best healthcare available. par
Working with Prairie Mountain Health allows us to offer lab, bloodwork, x-ray, and EKG
under one roof. PMH serves in our health facility regularly for Adult and Youth Mental health,
Access to dieticians and to assist with chronic disease management. We also have access to
ambulance service, Life Flight and S.T.A.R.S – the Shock, Trauma, Air, Rescue Service.
par Yellowhead Medical Clinic currently provides
care to approximately one thousand patients from Elphinstone, Oakburn, Shoal Lake, Strathclair
and surrounding communities. par We have a family physician and a nurse practitioner
in our clinic to treat families and help them stay well with preventative medicine with
room to add more medical staff as our communities grow. Yellowhead medical clinic was developed
to maintain health care services in our areas. par
Our clinic hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pmpar
Call 204 -759 – 2755 for more information and follow us on our social media on YouTube,
Twitter, and Facebookpar Yellowhead medical clinic looks forward to
serving you. par par
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