Yale Health – a student walkthrough

(climactic music) – Hello, I’m Charlie. – And I’m Maya. Thanks for coming along with us and learning about all
that the city, New Haven, has to offer. – Now that you’re more
familiar with your new home, we want to share with you
some of the resources Yale has set up to make sure
you’re taken care of once you get here. – Let’s start with the basics. Our friends at Yale Health put together a video
to help you learn more about the healthcare options
that you’re entitled to as a student. – Take a look. (lighthearted upbeat music) – Did you know you might be attending the Collegiate
School of New Haven, if it weren’t for the fact
that Elihu Yale donated nine crates of goods,
417 books and a portrait of King George I to get the school going? – (laughs) Okay. Interesting but not exactly
essential information. – [Man In Red Shirt] So I
guess you already know most of the really important stuff. Like where to get your meals. – [Girl With Braid]
Where your classes are. – [Man In Red Shirt] The
best place for sushi. – [Girl With Braid] And pizza. – [Man In Red Shirt] Where the library is. – [Girl With Braid]
Where to see a Picasso. – Or some punk rock. (guitar plays) – [Girl With Braid] Where to work out. – Or where to mediate. So you’re feeling
pretty good about Yale. – Yeah. – But what if you weren’t? – What? – Feeling good? – I’d stay in bed. – What if you felt really bad? – I didn’t know you
meant feeling this bad. I’m getting a distinct
Ebenezer Scrooge vibe. – No, we’re not there yet. – Good, I was getting
a little freaked out. – That’s what I’m talking about. Yale Health. – So that’s what that building is. – Right, and you’re a member. – Not me, I’m on my Mom’s insurance. – Even so, there are basic services that every enrolled student’s
entitled to. Free of charge including Student Health, Mental Health and Counseling, Gynecology, Acute Care, Inpatient Care, and Laboratory Services. And this means students can
get care when they are sick. Physical exams, gynecological
exams, STI testing and flu shots, free of charge. – This is beginning to
sound like an infomercial. How do you know all of this? – I’ve used some of
the services myself. For the rest, I asked an expert. – So you’re saying I get
all these services free? – Absolutely. You know many students don’t know it but they’re free to
every enrolled student. – But what if I’m on my
Mom’s insurance? (phone rings) I’m okay. Yes, everything’s fine. Yes, yes, no, Mom. Of course I’m feeling fine. Yes, I’d let you know if I wasn’t. All right, I love you
too, I’ll call you later. Bye. – It’s okay, you can still
use these basic services. – What if I need more than that? – It’s totally your choice. You can use your mom’s insurance and waive Yale Health’s hospitalization specialty
care coverage, or for a reasonable fee, you can use all of those
services at Yale Health too. ( upbeat music ) Hey, I gotta go. ( fist bump ) ( upbeat music ) – So let me get this straight. I get basic services free? – Right. – So how’s it work? Say I get this strange rash. Can I just walk in? (phone beeps) (lighthearted music) (phone beeps) (phone beeps) So Indy, I didn’t see your
motorcycle parked out front. What is it you have to tell me? – We do not follow maps
to buried treasure. X never ever marks the spot. And here’s what’s most important, you can get STI testing,
birth control prescriptions and free condoms. – Does my mom have to know about this? (phone rings) I’ll call her back later. – Like any medical facility, your medical information
is completely confidential. She’ll only know what
you decide to tell her. – So Yale’s great and all but– – The pressure? – Well, first of all there’s
the workload. – You’re telling me. – And relationships. – Oh yeah. – Sometimes you just
need to talk to someone. – You look around and
everyone seems so happy and well-adjusted and
brilliant, like it’s effortless. – Exactly. – But Yale Health knows that
a lot of students struggle, feel like they’re the
only one feeling that way. – It can get you down. – Yale Health can help with that too. They have mental health
and counseling services to help students deal. And it’s all completely confidential. ( thoughtful music ) – It’s all really professional. – Yeah, authenticious. – [Announcer] And remember, with basic coverage, you get services for Acute Care, gynecology, including exams and prescriptions
for birth control pills, in-patient care, lab services, mental health and counseling, student health, nutrition counseling and health education. If you decide to keep Yale Health Hospitalization
Specialty Care Coverage, there’s prescription coverage,
treatment for allergies, dermatology, diagnostic imaging, orthopedics, physical therapy,
ophthalmology and more. – So it seems like Yale Health is just what the doctor ordered. – Okay, dad joke. – But it’s true. We don’t have far to go
to stay healthy. – And the price is right. – Yeah. I feel better already. ♪ Time keeps tick tick ticking away ♪ ♪ And I get lost in the
sweet sensation ♪ ♪ Of our heart left out in the rain ♪ ♪ As I read from the morning paper ♪ ♪ And my friends are all
on their way ♪ ♪ But I’m fine with a life
like this one ♪ ♪ And it’s all just one big parade ♪ ♪ To find all the good good things ♪ ♪ Night after night here
with sleep as my friend ♪ ♪ I’m taking away the
dream to see to fall ♪ ♪ I’m slippin’ away ♪ ♪ Got no reason to stay here ♪ ♪ Where my ♪ ♪ My mind’s on display ♪ (phone rings) – Yes, yes, no, Mom. I’m feeling fine.

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