Xbox Kinect in the hospital operating room

Thousands of surgeries are done at Sunnybrook
every year and success depends on having a clear road map of each procedure. For all surgeries we do today really image guidance is a key to helping the surgeon.
It’s like having a GPS for your car now. And now surgeons like Dr. Law are getting a
helping hand from an unexpected source. Microsoft’s novel gaming system Xbox Kinect
which turns the player into the remote control. Traditionally surgeons remember in that moment
the information imaging like CAT or CT scans provide or they can step out of
the sterile field around the patient to manipulate the image on the computer but that means having
to rescrub. Dr. Law says the application they have built on the Xbox Kinect offers
the potential solution to that challenge. The surgeon makes simple and measured gestures in
the air and can remain in the sterile field while directly adjusting CAT and CT scan
views. You’ll see me controlling the X-ray imaging completely without touching or interfacing with the screen or the mouse. What the Xbox Kinect allowed us to do that is with the wave of our hands all of a sudden the
computer now is with us, moving with us, the images are right
in front of where we’re working. And we’re able now to bring that computer as
if it was the last member of our team right into the working field of the operating room. By waving my hand forward or backward the computer says ‘oh, you’re moving the mouse forward and backward’ and therefore in even that simple analogy it allows us
to go up and down on a CAT scan and examine all the parts of the anatomy that
we’re working on right now. Engineer Jamie Tremaine helped develop this
new application with another engineering colleague and the creative thinking of a friend who
is a general surgery student at Sunnybrook. We were talking about different ways it could be used. I definitely saw
the potential for it beyond gaming when it came out. Microsoft describes the Xbox Kinect as being
fun and good for you. Now Sunnybrook’s application is bringing
that to a whole new level. This going to change the way we interact with imaging in in the operating
room potentially forever because it has really given us a new way to work with the images while we’re operating
without breaking sterility or obviously putting our patients at risk. With Sunnyview I’m Monica Matys.

41 thoughts on “Xbox Kinect in the hospital operating room

  1. Excellent work. We have worked on the same technology. So fare, we have integrated a full controller-free Kinect-based user interface for medical image exploration in an open-source DICOM viewer.

  2. @jjf4201 of course they get credit.. they're using the Kinect; technology that was created by Microsoft. Jamie Tremaine, one of the engineers that worked to make this possible, credited MS for making the technology available. I quote: "For $150 dollars you can get a depth camera that's capable of real-time motion capture, that used to cost $8000-$150,000…" —-And you would be naive to think that those engineers are keeping that open source and free. They are going to cash in on this one day.

  3. @jjf4201
    Heard of "standing on the shoulders of giants"? Like what Linus Torvalds did with Dennis Ritchie? OSS does take what other people have done and build on it. True. Just like eveybody else.

  4. smart idea been around for a few years microsoft was the first to commercials it but it still needed 2 engineers and a doctor to make it work for this and then u need to sell the idea and train people in it or else it will just be him and no1 else using this obviously better idea

  5. @ashugtiwari i dont know whut the heck is your problem, the idea is great.. and if this dont work, they'll just make something that could work to help people.. Kinect is a very good add to tech, i think we could use it for many thing too.. why are you so mad about this?

  6. @ashugtiwari but that is something you think could happen.. what i see as a fact is a doctor very happy seeing a way to do his work more easy and more effective, WHO created the tech is irrelevant, you are not seeing the good side of this all for your hate to ms.. if this works for a doctor, GREAT! if not, somebody will create the correct tool, but the important thing is how this could help for people.. and thats what your are not looking

  7. Wow you guys don't get sterile fields do you? Surgeons can't touch ANYTHING, else the need to deglove to prevent infection. This actually looks like an amazing idea for an operating room, I'll have to see if we can get one.

  8. This is brilliant! One of the most exciting spin-offs of Kinect technology I've seen. Surgeons are totally going to get hooked on this stuff…

  9. Last year, I submit a project to Imagine cup thailand , it name "Mr.i".
    it does not people to support on this idea to integrate a technology into a hospital.
    I using a kinect to control a 3D image of mri image. user can see a surface of 3D model and a stack of image.
    However, it does not have a people to effort on the prototype to build in a commercial.

  10. That's great!:) You can also use a Web Cam and Use Any Object To Control Your Computer. and here's a Video,


  11. I don't get how people are hatting on this , This is a very good thing , I'd prefer my doc to use Kinect to switch slides if im right in the middle of surgery , then for him to wast time sanitising over and over again

  12. wanna know the cooolest thing about washington? they participated in making the kinect and in the city i live in theyy invented a robot used by the kinect!

  13. @fateswarning68 They hardly know the difference between windows 7 and vista, explaining to people what ubuntu is, would be too hard for the general masses, however I wish they mentioned it as well.

  14. dafuq you talking about? Sony's crapware "EyeToy" is a completely different technology than Kinect. Go spread your hate somewhere else, I think some kind of Apple or Linux message boards would suit you well.

  15. Gotta love the combination of technology here: Kinect by Microsoft, laptop by Apple, and operating system by Ubuntu.

  16. please no fun be a surgerying in the child hospital surgery medical in the doctor to day i need beening this i benign the hand surgery i broken the window glass at the evenyn faford foster home at the worcester mass 01610 i waking the with billy pattens go to brokening glass window

  17. Hm. So, people can hack the kinect to help with surgeries… but a game development team can't make one single good game for it? I have to admit, using the kinect for stuff like this is absolutely remarkable.

  18. Right..haters actually cant help other people, thats what they are good at to hate and say something wrong on things that can help other least some people are trying to use this technology to help others,..haters will always post something worthless on the Internet,..

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