WUSA9 Feature: Inpatient Rehabilitation

(bright music) – Well, welcome back to
Great Day Washington. When it comes to recovering
from a traumatic injury, one of the best places
in the region to rehab is Reston Hospital Center, and here’s why. The inpatient rehabilitation center at Reston Hospital is a beautifully
renovated, 18-bed facility, where patients in our area
receive top level care. And that’s where we met
70-year-old Amin Hassam, who has spent the last seven weeks here after a traumatic car
accident left him in a coma. – I was commuting home after a
workout, 6:30 in the evening. I was at a back road and, the car suddenly skidded, veered off the road
and hit head-on a tree, and after that I passed out. – [Reporter] He woke up two weeks later in the critical care unit here at Reston. – And I consider myself lucky in many ways and very many miracles and two of them, and of course, one I survived. The second one is most of my injury is from the shoulder line down. – [Reporter] When Hassam
woke up from the coma, the transition from trauma, critical care and then inpatient
rehabilitation was smooth, because at Reston
Hospital Center, all three are located under one roof. – And with the rehab,
there are three components, physical therapy, occupational
therapy and speech therapy. – [Reporter] That full range of care means positive outcomes for someone who has spent nearly two months of their golden years
getting back on their feet. – [Hassam] Very positive. – [Reporter] Hassam says one
staff member in particular went above and beyond. – Andre happened to walk by, I said, “Andre would you mind helping me?” And he said, “Sure.” And I can see he’s dressed in
a suit and, sorry, and a tie. He comes in here, literally gets down on his hands and knees
to clean up the spill that I’d done accidentally here. – [Reporter] He’s referring
to Andre Bathalon, Reston Hospital Center’s
Director of Rehabilitation. – We offer physical therapy,
occupational therapy and speech language pathology. – What sets Reston Hospital
Center apart from other centers in our area when it comes
to rehabilitation services? – First, we have a medical
director who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That medical director has a
fellowship in brain injury, which is an extra level of certification that is not very common. So, we have the ability to have a patient going from the hospital
side, or the acute care side, and coming into rehab. We also have an outpatient facility and thus closing an
entire continuum of care. – [Reporter] And, that
continuum of care gave Hassam the advantage he needed in his recovery. – For instance, physical therapy, going up a five step
staircase that’s in the gym, where, in the first time,
I could barely do step one. Okay, but then on the
second day, step two, three. They showed me all the tricks. (game popping) – [Reporter] Tricks like this
touchscreen therapy tool, (game popping) that uses a video game interface, (game popping) to guide toward patients
towards sharpening their cognitive reflexes. – So, that pop sound
tells you that that was what you were supposed to hit. And, now you can keep going to K. – This is great, smart technology. What is the best place about
being a speech therapist here? – Oh, wow. My favorite thing about working here at Reston Inpatient Rehab
is our therapy team. We have a really great
interdisciplinary team. I get to work with the physical
and occupational therapists all the time. I like that none of the
therapists are islands. Like we all work together instead of in our own separate discipline. – And the patients all, they feel it. So, it makes all the difference. – [Reporter] Anabelle Mererra
is the Onsite Nurse Manager. – So the goal of rehabilitation
is to get the patient back to where they were. So, whether that be at home taking care of their grandchildren or– – [Reporter] Or back to
working out in the gym three times a week, which is
what Hassam was used to doing before his accident. – [Therapist] Good, raise
the arms while kicking. And, bring ’em back down. – [Reporter] And, with several hours of intense therapy each day, including unique sessions,
like this dance class, Hassam, and all patients who
enter Reston’s rehab program. ♪ Funky town ♪ – [Reporter] Are well on their way to getting back on their feet. They’re highly coordinated, so, I am now able to walk with a cane, which I could not do when I came here. So, gradually they’ve been
taking me up the staircase, staircases, and I’m ready
to go home next Monday. – [Reporter] And, going home
with a smile on his face. – So, this morning was the first
time I was able to stand up non-stop and shave, for you. – [Reporter] You look great. – Thank you. – [Reporter] And Mister Hassam
says he’s now feeling great. He’s home with his family after
a very positive experience in rehab at Reston Hospital Center. For more information about
trauma and rehab care, visit www.restonhospital.com. This segment is sponsored
by Reston Hospital Center.

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