Wrestlers make little boy’s hospital stay better | Humankind

(soft upbeat music) (laughing) – [Man] He went lefty and hit single. (cheerful music) – Nice! (clapping) – [Father] When he’s cooped up in a hospital room for this many days in a row, any type of visit, any new person, really gives him an opportunity to kind of get out of his
shell for just a moment, even if he has to still be in his room. (lighthearted music) It takes a few days to turn the corner. And then when he does, he starts to get healthier and
it gets harder and harder to explain to him why he has to be here. And so for him to get some
of these cooler experiences, it… It just makes the days go by faster. It gives him something to talk about and something to look forward to. (soft cheerful music) – He’s giving me the spiral, I like it. – It’s the quarterback’s number. – So, you remember what
you were doing on this side with your head on the outside? Yeah you’re going to do the same thing. You’re going to throw this across, and then you’re going to
come here, head inside. Now drive. There you go! – [Bryson] I really was excited, Because it’s my favorite sport. – [Instructor] Same shot, throw the arm and just
go head inside on him. Right there, yup. – [Man] You got it! – There you go. – [Man] You get that other side. – Throw it. Throw it. – [Father] Being able to
see the smile on his face, and just see him be able
to get through each day, and not get down on having
to stay in the hospital, you know, you couldn’t
ask for anything more. He got to throw the football around. Wrestle with the wrestlers. You know, the other day he
threw the baseball around, with the baseball team, so. Those are little moments and it’s not a whole lot out of their day. And it just, it really, it makes a world of difference for him. I taught him that move probably last year when he started wrestling
around with me at home. So, he kind of knew it
but then Terry added their world class touch to it. So now he’s getting
better and better at it. So hopefully when we get out of here, we’ll get some more practice in. – [Man] We got it! (laughing) Nice! – [Father] Hey right here buddy.

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