WoundExpert Testimonial – Medical Center of Arlington

WoundExpert is a software program we use for our wound clinic. it’s really nice because it’s very easy to use you can do all your scheduling in there,
you can track your missed visits, and your follow-up visits. It has everything for demographics, phone numbers,
physicians, things you need to case manage that patient. WoundExpert is very nice because you can
access it from any computer portal. So I can get it to look at the schedule I can go and see when the physicians are
in clinic. It helps me staff the clinic as well, it helps me from an administrative perspective. where I can go in pull data statistics,
benchmarking reports, marketing data, and things I need to help
with the clinic flow. It seems a very intuitive that the
point-and-click features a beneficial having the code side by side the
diagnosis and then the this system review all this completed simultaneously and the intuitive part is that if you point
and click in one place and the code also pop up on the side and also it will help to create your super bill at the same time. When we started our clinic we looked at
several different methods for charting documentation purposes our physician at the time said you know
dictation system kinda old school. Nowadays everything’s EMR.
So we looked at several different companies and we liked WoundExpert the best just
because it was very user-friendly for the clinician, from an
administrative side, as well as for physicians. WoundExpert in my thinking is a boon for patient care of the wound. Patients with the wounds. It’s a boon
in the sense that three things will do again: documentation, efficiently, and letting you have
more time with the patient to take care of the patient. Everything we need regarding the patient is in WoundExpert. I may get with the staff, the staff may ask
me to go in and pull up a wound measurement
for home health. And all I have to do with go
under the patient’s name, click on a certain
area patient’s name, and then go into the wound visits, which is in WoundExpert, click on that
day and go into another area in WoundExpert click on that, and pull up every
information I need regarding the patient. It’s very convenient, you can look at
the pictures. Physicians can pull up data. If a
different physician is consulting for another physician everything’s there, everything’s with a click of
a button it meets all the Joint Commission and CMS requirements so that
really helps us with our charting, with our billing, and
getting reimbursed. The WoundExpert software people or personal, are calling and interacting
with us all the time to say what can we add, what code you need, what else you want to do. So it’s
continuously being updated and continually upgraded. When I looked at the different software, I looked at you know, how’s it gonna help us in clinic, how’s it gonna help us with scheduling, and how’s it gonna help us with the
administration duties we needed data we need to collect. As well as how’s it gonna help us with the marketing piece of it. It’s something you need that your daily
process and that’s what WoundExpert is. Everything is listed in WoundExpert, it’s your Bible and you read it daily when you open it. You can’t live without it!

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