Wound Care Center Tour at Northern Nevada Medical Center

Hello and welcome to Northern Nevada Wound
Care and Hyperbaric Center® My name is AJ Flock, I am a registered nurse,
and I am director here at the Wound Care Center® The Wound Care Center® at Northern Nevada
Medical Center treats wounds associated with complications from diabetes and other
related vascular disorders. We also treat wounds resulting from cancer,
trauma, surgery, infectious disease and vasculitis. Acute or chronic conditions often can be prevented
with early advanced wound care intervention. The highly-trained team here at the Wound
Care Center® provides this intervention employing advanced wound care protocols. The Wound Care Center benefits our entire
community by helping prevent the need for amputations. Studies have shown that amputation rates
are lowered drastically in the community just by having a wound care center. At the Wound Care Center, you will receive
award-winning care from a recognized team of wound care experts. As evidence of the quality of care that the
Wound Care center delivers, Healogics® Inc. has named it a 2015 Center of Distinction. They have also named The Wound Care Center
a Robert A. Warriner Center of Excellence. For its outstanding commitment to the quality
care of patients since opening in late 2008, the Wound Care Center® has been awarded the
Healogics® Center of Distinction award six times, and five years in a row. It has been named a Center or Excellence four
times. To be named a Center of Excellence, a facility
must meet Center of Distinction criteria for two years in a row. Winning this award is a high honor, as a facility
must meet every one of these criteria: An outlier is defined as a patient who is
treated in the center for more than 14 weeks. Dr. Todd Inman is the medical director here
at the Wound Care Center®. He is board-certified in wound care and family
medicine by the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Inman is the region’s only certified
wound care physician. He leads a team of physicians and nurses specially
trained to provide specialized, comprehensive wound care. Your first visit here to the Wound Care Center
would start with an assessment of the wound and a decision on the best course of treatment. The assessment involves determining where
the wound came from and why it’s not healing. The team gathers a full medical history, a
nutritional profile, and a wound history. We then conduct a vascular exam and perform
a diabetic screening. We need to learn how long you’ve had the
wound and how you’ve been treating it as well. Physician–driven wound care sets the Wound
Care Center apart. Each patient has a minimum of one weekly visit
with a physician, face-to-face. This allows a patient to learn the physician’s
overall plan of care. Another central element of treatment at the
Wound Care Center is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as you will see behind me. It enables the body’s oxygen-dependent healing
mechanisms to function more efficiently, thus accelerating the healing process. While enclosed in our clear, Plexiglas chambers,
a patient reclines on a bed and breathes in pure oxygen at an air pressure of two times
normal atmospheric pressure. The oxygen saturates the patient’s blood
plasma, allowing it to carry 15 to 20 times the normal amount of healing oxygen
to the body’s tissues. Treatments are administered for 120 minutes
at a time and a patient can nap or watch a movie during treatment. Another effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy
is vasoconstriction, the benefit of which is the reduction of post-traumatic edema or
swelling. In effect, hyperbaric oxygen therapy maintains
oxygen delivery while blood flow is improved in the microcirculation by the edema reducing
effect of vasoconstriction. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments are provided
by physicians, clinical hyperbaric technicians and a staff who is specially trained in hyperbaric
medicine. To be most effective, hyperbaric oxygen therapy
should be administered under the care of a physician and the Wound Care Center here at
Northern Nevada offers the region’s first physician-supervised hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In clinical studies, hyperbaric oxygen therapies,
administered under the supervision of a physician has shown an almost 90 percent success rate
in healing chronic wounds that previously would not heal. The Wound Care Center is careful to offer
hyperbaric oxygen only for diagnosis that is indicated under Medicare along with the
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy treatment of these
diagnoses has been proven effective by clinical studies. Patients start with five treatments per week
for several weeks. Most patients receive 60 treatments. As the wound heals, the number of required
treatments may decrease. Despite all the technology available at the
Wound Care Center, you’ll be most impressed by the skills, experience and attention to
detail from our wound care team. From Dr. Inman, the region’s only certified
wound care physician, and his team of physicians and registered nurses through the clinical
nurse assistants and hyperbaric oxygen technicians … the entire wound care center team here at Northern
Nevada is trained to provide specialized, comprehensive wound care. Keep in mind most appointments require a referral
from a primary care physician. So please talk with your physician about a
referral to the Wound Care Center. So, remember if you have seen your physician
about a wound that is not healing as it should, please call to schedule an appointment with
Northern Nevada Wound Care Center.

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