Wound Care at LewisGale Medical Center – Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Care Center

– [Narrator] This is
Up-to-the-Minute Health from LewisGale Regional Health System. – If you have diabetes and
a wound that won’t heal, you could be at risk for
infection or even amputation. Now the Advanced Wound Center
at LewisGale Medical Center offers hypobaric oxygen
therapy that can help. Dr. Nadeem Khuri explains. – There’s several reasons
that a wound won’t heal. Among them is poor oxygen or nutrients delivered to the tissue
surrounding the wound. So by placing a patient in this chamber with pressurized 100%
oxygen, the patient is able to breathe in more oxygen and
therefore deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the wound
to allow it to close. Studies, especially in diabetic patients, have shown between an
80 to 95% healing rate with wounds and prevention of amputation. – To learn more about
the Advanced Wound Center at LewisGale Medical Center,
call 1-877-2HCA-DOCS. I’m Joy Sutton with LewisGale
Regional Health System.

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