World-class Children’s Surgery Center, close to home — UC Davis Children’s Hospital

So a lot of times we say UC Davis feels
like a little cottage hospital that’s dressed in this large university and
what we try to do is to give the kind of care that you can get in a smaller place
but in a big environment with really sort of the top level of care. So one of the special things about
children surgical care is having an entire children’s team so here at UC
Davis we now have an entirely separate children’s OR with full-time children’s
specialists. Specialists in the nursing area, specialists in children’s anesthesia,
specialists in child life and the entire program is focused on what is the
experience for the patient so that as a child and as a parent you know that when
you bring your child here you will have the best care for kids. UC Davis Children’s Hospital is going to
be the first children’s hospital on the west coast with the designation of a
Level 1 surgery center for children and this is a new designation by the
American College of Surgeons that really shows the exceptional care that we take
care of kids here at UC Davis. I think that one of the things that really
strikes me here is that there’s a true dedication amongst all the staff. Not just
the doctors, but the nurses and everybody else actually that’s involved. We’ve
created an environment for families to be able to heal as a group as opposed to
just the patient alone. In some ways, the phrase “We not only get to save lives, we
save lifetimes” really holds true in pediatric surgery. We have a world-class group of surgeons
here. We have people that are technically outstanding and truly dedicated to the
care of children. They’re truly some of the very best doctors I’ve ever had the
privilege of working with in my entire life and I’m very proud to be part of
this group. So our goal here in Sacramento is to
make sure that no patient in Sacramento has to leave the area to receive
whatever care they need. The nice thing about it is is that we
have comprehensive care here for all children, 24 hours a day, so no one has to
feel the need to travel to the Bay Area to get care and if you compare our care to
anyone that they are and say we’re actually better in many things and
so this is a really important thing for the Sacramento community. I think it’s time to sort of open the doors and say to people, “Hey we are here. We can take care of your children.”

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