World-Class Care at Swedish Covenant Hospital

Swedish Covenant Hospital is really unique. This is a cutting-edge hospital. this hospital provides any type of care or
technology that you can get in any hospital anywhere in this city, including the biggest
hospitals downtown, but at the same time it provides a personalized, community-based service,
where patients coming in feel like family, because they are. I constantly hear from patients how wonderful
the nurses are, how caring they are, but more importantly how much they respect and help
the patientkeep their dignity. They truly do want to do the best that they
can for the patient and their family. The hospital gears toward providing the best
care for their patients and I think that inspires you to give the best you can as well. The staff was totally compassionate. you know, you’re very exposed when you’re
in the hospital. Every experience seems like your part of the
same team of people. Swedish has always been a really comfortable
place. They care.They treat you like family. That’s why i love it here. At the Chicago Back Institute we have the
best world. We have a practice that’s in a garden. It relaxes people right away and makes them
feel comfortable. Then they come in and they have surgeons who
actually listen to what they say. Try to understand what their life is missing. The Mayora Rosenberg Women’s Health Center
was truly created by women and for women. We gathered together community leaders, dialogued
about what the needs were of the women in our community, and through those conversations
we were able to create a space that is accessible and convenient and sensitive to meeting their
needs. Surgery is a difficult thing for people to
undergo. When you do surgery that’s minimally invasive,
recovery is much faster and less painful than traditional open surgery. Galter LifeCenter was actually built to serve
the community in a proactive way. To prevent injury and illness and sickness. We want to work with the individual. We want them to feel better and healthy and
to use their membership. we offer lots of different classes and programs. No other medical facility in the City of Chicago
has a gym connected. I talked to patients that have been involved
with the medical fitness center for years and these patients are doing great. I work out with them and I can push them and
I’m amazed by what they can do. We also have a great ease of communication. Swedish Covenant Hospital, through the community
spirit they have, it goes through the physicians as well and we communicate together as well
in every patient. If needed, I can pick up the phone, shoot
an email, stop of one my colleagues in the hall to discuss an issue. I think being in a group that’s pretty close
knit facilitates that. i want patients to feel that they could have
not gotten better nursing care anywhere else other than Swedish Covenant Hospital. The point of the hospital is to make this
community a better place. You make people healthier in every way. You want the staff here to treat patients
like their family, and if you do that then you always have their utmost needs in mind. And I think we do all of those things beautifully.

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