WorkSafe Awards 2012 Entrant: Dr Shaun Salimi — Northern Industrial Clinic

My name’s Shaun Salimi. I’m a medical
practitioner in the field of occupational medicine, working at Northern Industrial Clinic. I think it’s very important to, right from the start, set the expectation for return to work, so that the injured worker understands that going back to work is part of the recovery process rather than the endpoint. Transparency and communication are the two most important tools. If needed, I conduct a site visit. So the thing that Shaun did for me that was very significant is he organised a case conference. With the support of all the organisations being in the one room, everyone was on the same page, and at
that point we negotiated a return to work plan. I think it’s very important for the injured worker to be reviewed within a week’s time to ensure that there are no problems at work. I usually ask them if they’re happy with the return to work, which was previously discussed with the employer. I think that his approach to the care of his patients has made a significant difference for me. I see people straight after an injury where they’re in a state of turmoil, and I find it very satisfying to be able to help someone like that to get back on their feet.

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