Working in the Lane Fox Respiratory Unit at St Thomas’ Hospital

We have the pleasure of working with
patients who have survived critical care and beaten the odds and we’re able to give
them the quality of life back. Often we’re giving families their father back, their
mother back, their sister back. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how challenging the day
is if you’ve got that team around you, you feel like you can do anything really. I’ve always loved caring for people, I
think it was my mum more than anything and the more feedback and more input I got from
her, the more I wanted to be a nurse. What I really love about working on Lane
Fox is that you meet such a wide variety of patients and some of whom have been
through remarkable situations to get to where they have now. Some have faced huge
adversity and tragedy. I love coming to work and supporting those patients
who’ve got such specialised need,s such specific needs. We see patients coming into our unit
completely ventilator dependent and often will walk out fully independently, and
that’s a real joy. It’s a big change in their life and that smile is just amazing The first thing we do is to try and give
the patient voice and one of the first steps in the weaning process is to
deflate the cuff from the tracheostomy and enable them to speak even for a
brief period often on the day that they’re admitted we say, welcome my
goodness me what have you been through but you’re here now and this is the first
day of your recovery. We’ve had patients who we successfully
weaned off ventilation, say a few weeks or a few months or years down the line
they’ll pop in and visit and when you see them you’re like, oh my god, you look amazing! Dignity is a huge priority for the Lane Fox. I’m a dignity champion, we’re a beacon for dignity amongst the Trust and
we’ve actually won Trust awards previously. One of our main focuses is to
try to promote that person’s dignity and to encourage them to maintain some
privacy and some self-respect and some self-worth We’re just very open and we
always try and have a laugh when we are on shift so it’s not always serious and
it’s important for the patients as well having that laugh on a daily basis as
well just boosts their morale You’ve really got to be compassionate
about your job and really caring and have time. I love it. Everyone asks me, you’ve been here so
long Ameena, why is that? And I say because absolutely love the patient, I
love my job, there’s nowhere in the world that I
would go and be very satisfied because there’s nowhere that would compare to
where we work here on Lane Fox. I absolutely love it. There are different types of
nurse that exist. Some are very technical focus and you know a lot of
critical care nurses can be very technically focused, but if you’re a real
people person and you really want to provide quality care, this is the place that you get the
opportunity to do that.

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