[WONJIN LIVE] Remove Forehead Wrinkles at Famous Plastic Surgery Clinic!👍 [ENG SUBBED][CC]

The impression would be timid Have no worries about the eye shape but but want to improve my looks Today’s topic? Endotine Endotine is one of lifting method that can rise up the forehead and fix it Advantages: less incision, fast recovery Q. Who need this surgery? 1. People who have severe wrinkles on the middle of forehead 2. People who have narrow distance of eyes and eyebrow 3. People who have droopy eyebrow Q. Is there any self check method for endotine? When you put your hand like this It’s recommended for people who have narrow looks Of course that method can’t be the way to judge patient should go to hospital by themself for more detailed consultation Q. Surgery and recovery duration? The surgery takes 1 hour and for recovery it takes 1-2 weeks Q. Is it any permanent effect if do it once? It’s right but the aging process will be happened sometimes It can stays for 5-6 years Q. The negative point of endotine? Since it use the lifting method we do the best for another substantial to go inside the scalp After 8-12 months it will absorbed and dissappear Recently there is endotine mini with minimum foreign substance Recommended for young people, and women Little sting and numb feeling will disappear as long as time goes If you need this surgery, please visit us at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic

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