[WONJIN LIVE] Good Bye, Dead Skin Cells! 💆 | Korean Dermatology [ENG SUBBED][CC]

Is it severe? Good bye, dead skin cells! This is our consultant manager’s bare face looks! The reason why I go to dermatology? There are many people have asked how to get rid of dead skin cells after rhinoplasty As the senior of rhinoplasty, I will tell you good TIP to get rid of dead skin cell I also made the condition same with rhinoplasty I maintain the dead skin cell for one week One week? WONJIN Dermatology has special skin care system for dead skin cells HOT ITEM! Dr. Wonjin Mask Pack from WONJIN Dermatology Let’s start from cleansing This treatment can also be get right after Korean rhinoplasty, isn’t it? Yes, we do it without any strength that’s why it would be no problem at all Q: I have had forehead filler few days ago, is it OK to get this treatment? Yes, we didn’t use any strength that’s why it’s OK to do it We will start dead skin cell treatment using ultrasonic waves Ultrasonic waves… Do I have to remove earrings?? No problem, this is fine ulttrasonic waves No need to worry about that Also with the implant? Yes, it’s OK Q: I want to but that machine This is not only about the machine, but also the skin care program from WONJIN dermatology Are my dead skin cells so severe? This is all dead skin cells Bye, dead skin cells! When removing splint after Korea rhinoplasty, the whitehead and blackhead many appear While on recovery period after rhinoplasty, patient can’t use the nose pack It’s good to get this treatment when stitch removal on the 2nd weeks It’s cool and refreshing This mask pack is wide, suitable for man also This pack can be purchased at WONJIN Dermatology and WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic Is it OK to put the pack on stitch part? Originally, we avoid the surgery part Oxygen mist and recovery laser are done along Also, there is ampoule liquid mist for helping absoption We do this for 20 minutes When is the proper time to get this treatment? The most proper time is once a week

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