[WONJIN Dental Clinic] BEWARE! The Most Usual Jaw Problem for Musician! 🎻🎺🎵[ENG SUBBED][CC]

The most usual jaw joint problem for musician Recently I have suffering from jaw joint hurt problem When I play music like this, I feel that my jaw is hurt As a violist, we usually have this kind of problem Is there any method to solve it? Musician often to use body movement especially in the face area The face that move aside this often can lead to a problem Called as sternocleidomastoid muscle This muscle connect head, breast, and collarbone When we turn head around, this can be seen This muscle have to be balanced left and right So it can stand properly If it only use on one side It can be shrink on one side and the another side will sagging The shrink side will lead into another problem such as pain Headache also has various reason such as vascular headache, muscle headache And if muscle tension headache is happened it can be mistaken as the problem is inside the head In fact, the problem is located in the muscle Then the patient will only eat the medicine But in reality, the treatment should be done to solve the muscle problem Patient can eat muscle relaxant or do the botox treatment to release the muscle tension It means it’s possible to get botox at dental clinic?? Yes, it is! I think it only can be done at dermatology It also can be done at dental clinic for the therapy purpose Using botox to release muscle tension and to solve the jaw joint problem I will tell you doc if I suffered again with this problem become severe Hope it not getting severe One of my friends also have asymmetric face problem Mostly it can happened due to problem on muscle or soft tissue For musician, they often to lean on one side only This can lead into the muscle tension and also the asymmetric problem And it’s the same as I’ve told before, possible to use botox to cure this Or for the jaw joint case, it can be solved by using sprint Also for blowing instrument, is it true it can lead to protruded mouth problem? I have also played orchestra when I was on school When someone play flute, trumpet, etc. that need special mouth movement For adult it may effect to the teeth only But for children, it might effect to the teeth growth or movement Especially for clarinet The upper side is solid and teeth push this, it will lead to teeth abrasion It’s important to know this I never think that this jaw problem can be solved at Dental Clinic Sometimes I think should I go to orthopendic or should I go to acupuncture I think this help me a lot Thank you so much for your help, doc Next time I will come with my violist friend

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