Women’s Rehab Southern California – Clinical Staff (2019)

Hi, I’m Stephanie and I’m a
case manager at
Coastline. I’ve been working in the substance
abuse field for several years. I’m very passionate about
recovery and wellness and approaching recovery in a
holistic way which I define as Mind, Body, and Soul. My background is in psychology and education. I have a bachelors degree in
psychology and currently I am two classes away from my masters in
psychology with an emphasis in marriage
and family therapy. I’m also a certified drug and
alcohol counselor and very passionate about what
I do and I think primarily being the adult child of an
alcoholic and the effect that had on me, has kind of called me to work with other clients who are
suffering. And helping them get
well, helping them find a passion and a purpose
in life. And that’s what inspires me about working for Coastline
and the job that I do and the clients I work with.

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