Women’s Heart Health Clinic Cable 11 News Coverage

on to health news now it’s fairly been open for a month and already Lancaster General Hospital’s women’s heart health center has big plans for comprehensive health care for local women news Levin’s Nadya Singh took a tour of the new health center that’s focused on putting women first women know women and that’s why meri McCree chose LG H’s women’s heart health center facility run by women for women of course man knows his specialty too but a woman I think has more sympathy for you know because they know the problems they over they have their own problems those the women doctors and so they know our problems center director dr. Gore Pender chata agrees I felt that we have to have a clinic specifically for women because their needs are different especially when dealing with the unique circumstances surrounding the number one cause of death in women heart disease some of the risk factors that women have or gender-specific that we’ve you know often overlooked in the past things like hypertension or high blood pressure during pregnancy or diabetes in pregnancy or home or replacement therapy women also have symptoms that are much different compared to men those differences also mean a difference in how women are diagnosed and treated we’re trying to do here is a complete risk assessment to see what risk factors women have and then making a plan like a specific plan for each patient although a cardiologist doctor Chadha doesn’t want the center scope to stop at heart health she’s pushing for a comprehensive facility of women led health options we’re starting with behavioral medicine in November and Gi of gastroenterology is planning to start sometime in December and then there are plans to add other specialties after that over time for news 11 I’m Nadia saying

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