Woman yells racial slurs at shoppers

a white woman– in Kentucky went on a tirade– a derogatory,
hateful, mean-spirited tirade berating two shoppers
at a JC Penney. -Go back to wherever the
[bleep] you come from, lady. Y’all think– -Ma’am, please
watch your language. -Hey! Tell them to go back
where they belong. Just because you come
from another country, it don’t make you nobody. -[speaking spanish] -Nobody as far as I’m concerned. They’re probably on welfare. We probably– the
taxpayers probably paid for all that stuff. Speak English! [end playback] MICHAELA PEREIRA:
Reaction to this video has been swift both
online and off. Mall officials say
they’re trying to identify this lady, this woman. And she will be banned from
the mall where it happened. Joining me by phone is Jefferson
County Attorney Mike O’Connell. He is not prosecuting this. He– but he certainly knows
the law very well in that area. Mike, thank you so
much for joining me. So, first of all, the mall
is working to identify her. And they’re going to ban her. Is the law on their
side to do that? MIKE O’CONNELL: Well, I
think, as far as the mall is concerned, certainly. She has no legal
right to be in a mall for any particular reason. So the owners of
that can certainly do that if they can identify
her and give her notice. MICHAELA PEREIRA: This hate
hits any reasonable person with even an inkling of a heart
in– in all the worst ways. Does her terrible
behavior rise to the level of criminal harassment? MIKE O’CONNELL: Well,
in Kentucky, it– I believe it certainly
crosses that line. I mean, this– being a
citizen of Louisville and metro here, too,
this is a despicable, sad event that occurred here. But, yes. And it does rise to
the level, I think, of harassment
under Kentucky law, which, in part, specifies
that, in a public place, a person can be
charged with this if they make offensively
coarse utterances, gestures, or displays. They address abusive
language to any person. They engage in a
course of conduct or repeatedly commit
acts which alarm or annoy such other person. So a lot of people believe
that– and which I cherish very much, too, in my
position as the Jefferson County Attorney–
the First Amendment and right of free speech. But this is not– this
speech– this type of speech is not constitutionally

8 thoughts on “Woman yells racial slurs at shoppers

  1. Hope she did not teach her kids the same mentality and if she did hope they have a brain of their own to know what's right from wrong. We're all HUMANS at the end of the day, the color of our skin does not define us.

  2. i mean ight that’s all yall say when you get mad at people that don’t look like you. nun new 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Let me say something: Europe is NOTHING on its own and that’s a fact. They got rich by stealing from the rest of the world. Europe lives off coloured nations.

  4. I understand she’s mad of the system . But she should’ve kept her opinions to herself not lash out in public. She’s sad.

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