Woman Dies on Kings County Hospital Floor

But first at eleven o’clock: Death in a Hospital Waiting Room. How could it happen, and are patients in need of immediate care being ignored? And good evening to you. I’m Liz Cho. And I’m Bill Ritter. Disturbing video emerging tonight, and it is raising some serious questions about the care given at one particular New York City hospital. Eyewitness News reporter Lucy Yang is here now with much more on this story. Lucy. Well, Liz and Bill, she was a forty-nine year old woman in desperate need of medical care, and she was exactly where she should have been: in a psychiatric unit. Except, surveillance tape, which we are about to show you, leaves critics accusing Kings County Hospital of neglecting this patient to the point of her death. The first thing you see is the woman falling off her chair and landing face down on the floor of the psychiatric emergency ward inside Kings County Hospital. What happens next – or rather what doesn’t happen – is now the center of a massive lawsuit against the hospital. Those familiar with the case say the forty-nine year old woman dies right in front of the surveillance camera as the medical staff walk by her and ignore her. Apparently, not one angel of mercy concerned that she is convulsing on the floor. Almost an hour later, when workers finally do respond, it is too late for the Brooklyn woman. The scene played out on June nineteenth of this year. The patient had been admitted to the psychiatric ward for agitation and psychosis just the day before, and was here waiting for a bed when she died all alone on the floor. It has been eleven days now and the medical examiner has yet to determine a cause of death, but whatever claimed her life, even city officials admit no one tended to her for an hour. More than a year ago, advocates lodged a lawsuit against this public hospital claiming the psychiatric ward is like a page out of a horror movie where patients who can’t fight for themselves are neglected, abused, and kept in unsanitary conditions. Then came the death this month, underscoring those very allegations in the most graphic of ways. It cost one woman her life, but there are indications the hospital is ready to make some changes. The city’s Health and Hospital Corporation tonight promising these reforms: additional staffing, expanded crisis prevention training, and that patients in the psychiatric emergency unit are checked every fifteen minutes. Now, a news conference is scheduled for this case tomorrow. The lawsuit claims workers initially tried to cover up claiming the patient did receive care except you don’t see it on the tape. So far, at least half-a-dozen workers at Kings County Hospital have been fired or suspended. You can view this disturbing video again at our web site. www.7online.com Bill. Liz. That’s just horrifying, and at least there’s video here to substantiate it. Lucy, thank you.

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  1. the black people in the room were NOT staff, they're in street clothes. if you watch this vid shown by the today show, you see white dr., 2 security guards walk in and walk away, then a nurse comes in & instead of checking for a pulse, she kicks the woman's foot for a response. but like i posted on that vid, 12 people came in & out of that waiting room and not one of them lifted a finger to help her. this wasn't racism, this was neglegence by staff, & lack of compassion by patients/visitors.

  2. staff should've attended to her, and the patients/visitors could've at least called to staff to come and help her. there are 12 guilty people in this story. dr. got fired, and nurse and security got suspended w/possibility of getting fired.

  3. This is sad, but slanted by the media. Look at ALL the other people in the waiting room? What happened to chivalry? Not a single person in there did anything. Who knows if there was anybody even stationed at the front desk or "camera room". Those people should have called for help. They failed.

  4. That's pretty sad but what's even more sad is there are 3 ppl in the waiting room and no one went to get any medical staff for the woman. And they show 45 mins later, there's the other woman in the brown/tan dress still sitting there while the other lady is on the floor dead. That's quite disturbing to me.

  5. The person they show walking past her wasn't part of the staff. Not trying to justify the tragedy, but I don't think she was being ignored – it's just that no one noticed. – Sure they should have been checking the waiting room more often, but I don't think the staff saw that this was happening.

  6. People do not know their ass from their elbow. Unless one is insured, they get very bad medical care. To get decent care, you have to be able to afford it. If you have health insurance, make sure you pay it.

  7. i would imagine that the guy at 1:08 was walking away to get help but she was there for almost an hour. so ether he just sat there for an hour and then got help or he just went on about his business. sign of the times

  8. People in big cities are fucked up, it's the "consumer, grab what you can, act friendly to your fellow man but really do what you can to climb all over them & stab them in the back" mindset that seems to be popular these days.

    People in densly populated areas just don't care about one another, in fact they all get on each others nerves, we judge before we get proof.

    Truth is no one there helped her & don't care but if they were lying there they would scream "why no one help me? fuck you ppl"

  9. No it happened to a Black Woman in a waiting room full of Black people .Who couldn't be bothered to get up off their Fat Black arses and get help for the poor woman… So drop the white shit….
    She might be alive today if there had been a white person in the waiting room.

  10. I live in Brooklyn. It's just terrible, I remember when this happened because this is when my grandpa was going to go there for surgery. This is one of the hospitals I would never want to go to. The other is Coney Island hospital, which is right by my house.

  11. i think her family lives abroad. she was only there bc her pastor told her to go there. not like she was with the fam and then decided to go off on her own. sad either way.
    apparently she had lost her house (which may be why she wasn't in touch with her immediate fam) and began having panic attacks.

  12. This is an outrage. I can not believe those people in the hospital just let this happen. God Bless the family involved.

  13. This is nothing more than typical treatment of people with mental healh problems in this country. If you have any kind of such problems, you are quite often treated like trash, genuine physical problems are ignored, belittled, not treated. Of course so many pysch drugs cause such horrendous physical (and mental) damage to people, even death, that it wouldnt surprise me if thats part of what killed her. "shocked"? Yes they are shocked it was caught on video and wasn't erased.

  14. There's this idea in this country that lawsuits about such thing are about greed..thats what Big Bussiness, including the medical industry wants us to think. But the simple fact is that such awards of large amounts of money are made for an important reason : prevention and change. If you don't make it hurt, scum bags like these will just keep doing the same things. There should have been crimminal charges brought..falsifying the medical records to start with..

  15. This is so terrible, I work at an urgent care clinic and we always make sure to check on our patients in the lobby and if someone is in urgent care…shortness of breath, bleeding, high blood pressure, anything urgently urgent, we get them back there immediately! That is terrible!

  16. I go broke in order to pay for my private insurance every month. You are right, one needs money to have descent health care in the USA. I am thinking of moving to Europe to get free healthcare. It is a money making business here.

  17. things like this should never happen at the emergency room! how could she wait almost a day without any medical help or attention!!they should get her in a room and check whats wrong with her or any other person in need of medicall help.

  18. these asshats have been sued for 2 million dollars but that will no bring comfort to her family. they have lost a loved one.):(

  19. Anything this inhumane simply should not be happening anywhere in this day and age. It just simply shows that we have failed as a species and should rightfully be destroyed by our own planet, logically. ctrl-alt-del…

  20. You're not familiar with the chemistry of digestion. 98 % of the foods out on our American Shelves create bloating, allergies, insulin rejection, negative thyroid reaction, and a lot more which make us unhealthy and fat.What goes on in your gut goes on in your brain, makes the body resistant to weight-loss as the intestines become more an more polluted.And due to severe neglect issues and maltreatment in this country due to ignorance or just not caring, people in chronic pain can't work.

  21. Lord have mercy on your soul, how could you say something like that! Yes, I know welfare has been an abusive crutch for people for many years but that isn't the way to treat anyone….black, white, yellow,etc for that kind of manner. Not only inner city blacks are on welfare, so are middle-class whites who take advantage too!!!! It is wrong how people try to milk the system for themselves but don't mistreat the poor like that;sweetie, it could have been your precious mother on the floor.

  22. I live in the UK with free healthcare and crap but its no different. a kid in a hospital who was like 3 died of burns in the waiting room because the doctors thought the burns werent that serious. Its not just the healthcare issues its employee issues a case of serious human error.

  23. This is terrible. I am pretty conservative but this woman should NOT have been left there. I almost died from a blood clot. It is not a joking matter. I am white and I can tell you….I am sure that her being poor and black had something to do with her being ignored.

  24. this is an unfortunate event. foolish people shouldnt be discussing money or race. i feel becouse it was indeed a phyc ward,they assumed she was just not with it. i promise. they should have checked to see if she was ok. also question the time it was. the waiting room was empty. its a shame. if a person wants to stay healthy they must try to eat better for clearer thinking. apples cucumbers chicken. when a person has a clear mind they think clearer.

  25. Why would they sue the hospital when those 3 people just looked on. Whe a cop or gaurd say it they acted right away. those 3 people should get sued.

  26. MyNameJoe100, i'm black and so is my entire family. They consist of business owners, judges, lawyers, advertising executives, and investment bankers, to name a few. I myself hold a pilot's license, work at an executive level position my first year out of one of the top universities in the US, and stay heavily involved in the aerospace industry at all levels. So next time your serving me a drink while I entertain clients, or whatever it is you do, keep your mouth shut, you embarrass yourself…

  27. @Tasera783 – yes, I'm sure the black inept attendants who ignored her were under orders from Republicare!
    If you like this, you'll see more ineptitude under Gubmint run Obamacare.

  28. @MyNameJoe100 but yet your a great person right?your gonna go to heaven to because you think your very good offending other people calling them animals when the same god who made them made you.your place is gonna be very toasty dont worry albino.

  29. *Every 15 minutes"? Excuse me?

    Why is there not someone, a physician's assistant perhaps, in charge of supervising the room AT ALL TIMES? $180K a year (3 X $60K) is nothing compared to doing the right thing by the most defenseless of patients! I pay my taxes so shit like this doesn't happen to my fellow citizens who are in need!


  31. I read that this woman had a reputation of faking her death in the past just so she could get treatment sooner. If this is true than that would explain that guard just waiting there to see what she's up to next. NOW I'M NOW JUSTIFYING THOSE PEOPLE WHO LEFT HER TO DIE, BUT REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO ''THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF" KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN!………….RIP woman.

  32. this kind of stuff happens a lot 0_0 no real supprise. most of the time humans won't bother to help others. has anyone seen the video of the hobo who got stabbed while saving a women from a robber and then collapsed but no one helped him or called for an ambulence? ive seen stuff like that happen in real life too.

  33. @lamardarren Brother, i feel your pain, but the President is looking out for the Middle class, and the working poor ( nice word for indentured servitude) which is the core of the country. Blacks are only approximately14% of americas population. so trust me, hes looking out for Americans, not Black people.

  34. @yared94 I totally disagree with his statement, and the people in the room are not staff, they were mental patients , sad, but we cannot blame them, what you dont see is the people that are manning the stations and other areas outside of the room. The Guard, who is Black was hopefully fired and who knows or cares about the color of the other people, the entire thing is appalling and sadly not beyond belief.

  35. Why is everyone screaming about racism against white people when the fucking video shows only black people? get a fucking clue racist cocks

  36. What a senseless death, I hope the employees who ignored her take her face and memory to their grave. Esmin Green I hope you find peace in the after life and your family can heal from this horrible event.

  37. no one helped her .. sure ,, she is there in the most helpful place in the world !
    Just because she`s BLACK !>!>!>!>!>!>!

    idiots !

  38. REALLY!!! a handfull of people in the waiting room and NOBODY tended to her for an HOUR!! That poor woman…humans have become so ..inhumane.. Its unbelievable, the nerve of that hospital..RIP to her poor soul

  39. I'm not amazed … That's part of the Health Care of United States, you guys are FUCKED. Everywhere, ALL over the world "Health care is for free" but is not for the greatest country "God Bless America" 😀

  40. @TheMarksmenCat
    and your health care isn't free. "free healthcare" is a fucking misnomer. You pay for it with your taxes. That's why your taxes are sky high.

  41. People who _aren't sick_ pay for it with their taxes. You can't be financially ruined by giant hospital bills when you're in no condition to pay them off. And even if you can pay, it makes no sense to charge people for a service they can't help using. Just take it via taxes. It reduces the overall cost too, since people get preventative care.

  42. what we have to look forward to with obama"care" – what about the others just sitting there and not moving to help. typical welfare pigs!!

  43. yes because healthcare =hitler. if you put on regulations for big firms about pollution, your probably being a communist right? the stupidity of Americans never ceases to suprise me. Well, a country were a "grass root" movement like the tea party (ironically funded by big corporations) is seen as a good thing, nothing should really suprise someone

  44. It is hard to believe that people become so cold, without empathy, for a human life. The most shocking is the obvious neglect of duty shown by hospital staff…security personnel, nursing, and most horrific the physician! did he forget the oath he pledged when receiving his doctorate? I most certainly hope that the staff identified on the video were reprimanded and relieved of their duties permanently. Elder abuse is rampant in our continent and we all have this to look forward to in our lives.

  45. Yeah i know someone who was there they treat the patients like animals
    the staff and doctor are rude and nasty that place is terrible

  46. lol, don't blame ghetto orderlies in a ghetto hospital on me or the US. We have the best medical schools and best hospitals in the world. That's why illegal dregs from all over the world flock here. Even illegals get treated for free. Problem is we can't afford to give every junkie, whino, psycho and illegal world class healthcare. If you don't like it, go to Cuba or somewhere where healthcare is "free".

  47. Yes. I live in Roanoke, VA. The hospitals in VA do this same kind of stuff. It does not happen all of the time but it does happen. Then the hospital staff try to cover it all up with barefaced lies.

  48. It's really sad that it takes someone's death and pending lawsuit(s) before a hospital will review its policies and discuss making changes.

  49. I myself am mentally ill and this is EXACTLY why I refuse to go to the ER if at all possible.

    That, and comments like those below are why I would much, MUCH rather handle things myself. Like zunk eleven said, they can't treat every PSYCHO that comes in, right? if you're too disturbed to work, or get a better job, you don't DESERVE to live, apparently.

  50. This is bullshit they way she was ignored. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and have been to plays like this. Any feeling u ever have they try to blame it on anxiety or depression instead of thinking something seriously physically is wrong with u. I'm sure they have seen ppl asleep in the floor before but they should have at least checked on her when it was first noticed. That just shows people in health care are not there to help ppl. It's just another paycheck to them.

  51. low life bastards kings county is the worst hospital in the world staff is so disrespectful. they should have fired everyone that is responsible. bastards is what they are.

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