Woman dies after abortion at Planned Parenthood

During the viewing, they had approached the
casket, and they were about to close it, and it hit me this was gonna be the last time
I saw my sister. And um, I just broke down, you know, I just—I
couldn’t control myself. She was gone and she wasn’t coming back. So it’s me, Cree, Ashton, my mom, step-dad
Richard, and McKenzie. I got a call from my mom early in the morning
and she never called me that late before. And, you know, I picked up the phone, you
know, instantly I felt like something was wrong, you know, I kept saying “hello? Hello?” I hung up. And I was like, “okay, well, let me try to
call right back.” And my step-dad, Richard, he picked up the
phone and said, “It’s Cree.” I was like, “What’s wrong? What’s going on?” He said, “she passed.” She was in pain. My mom had to take her to the hospital, and
you know, she laid in the bed, and she didn’t wake up. -“Hello?” -“My—my daughter… I think she’s dead!” She got the abortion at Kalamazoo Planned
Parenthood. She wasn’t proud of it, so she basically went
by herself. And the pain never went away, so she would
try to, you know, maybe sleep it off, and she was getting worried. And, you know, she finally came and told my
mom what happened. From how the coroner explained to my family,
um, she’s never seen any anybody as mangled as my sister was. You would think that the hospital would do
something about it. They looked at the X-Ray and saw that her
uterus was perforated, that she was, you know, bleeding internally. They still sent her home. They made it seem like it was okay and “just
medicate and you should be fine.” It felt like they were trying to cover up
for Planned Parenthood. It was trying to—it felt like they were
trying to cover up the abortion, try to cover up the cause of her death and I was upset. They’re ravaging these women. I want to know why my—my sister’s life wasn’t
convenient—like, wasn’t good enough to save. It’s not just Cree. There’s people before Cree and there’s people
after Cree, and going forward, as long as they’re gonna be open, there’s gonna to be
more deaths. It’s not a safe procedure. My sister’s gone. My sister died. They killed my sister. Planned Parenthood is evil, they trying to—they’re
killing people. Not just babies, but they’re killing women
as well. I’m all in it now. I’m gonna continue to be in it. Until they’re shut down. I want Planned Parenthood to be off the table
as a choice. Ultimately, that’s what I want to happen. We approached Planned Parenthood to try to
get Cree’s medical documents from them, but they weren’t willing to give them to us. Justice has not been given to my sister. I lost two people that day. Not just a sister, but a niece or a nephew
as well.

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  1. Watch the video by ex-abortionist doctor Dr. Levatino as well as ex-Planned Parenthood manager Abby Johnson. Very informative videos on the truth of Planned Parenthood.

  2. They died, taking lives. Many others are suffering physically or emotionally from the trauma of a choice made. We as women, should learn more about reproduction/fertility. Use protection & refrain from having sex during the fertile phase. Let's stop aborting & prevent unwanted pregnancies. Abstinence is also key, until favorable circumstances are acquired to birth children.

  3. Some states have passed laws (red states, of course) saying that doctor should have accreditation with a hospital and also have it set up to transport a person from a botched abortion. They were sued and those safeguards were ruled unnecessary and burdensome. Our institutions are failing us.

  4. I read another article on line that they believe the Numbers are far greater because they did Not get reported. I would like to know how many are done on purpose to harm the women if not to death but to sterilization. As Margaret Sanger and KKK wanted. Are the prenatal pills been tested? Why do more PP Children born premature? I don't believe PP ever try to help save. Why don't PP birth control pills work? They need Abortion to keep doors open. Thanks sorry for your loss.

  5. Ladies give them a chance!! Sadly there's alot of women who want to have children but cant. A child is a a blessing from the Lord doesn't matter the circumstances!! You can bless a woman in desperately yearning to be a mother!! God Bless

  6. This is so sad! I hope these women find peace as well as their families. By the way, have you guys noticed how many people have seen this video against the amount of subscribers 46K and only 8k have viewed the video after a year? Something fishy is going on here…🤔🤔

  7. This video was sad all the way through. It just shows that planned parenthood cares more about money than life. It was also heart breaking how many young girls were on the list. Abortion is so wrong on so many levels

  8. That's sad; but not uncommon unfortunately. Pro-choices like to ignore that people have died from legal abortions or suffered from severe life long health issues or even become depressed. It happened to many; but most won't cover the death of these women.

  9. May you both rest in God's arms
    Planned Parenthood I I think has been defunded or is soon to be defunded by President Trump are you wanting to ride is a woman's right but it should be done in a hospital setting that she can be watched over and nothing like this can never happen again may God bless and keep you all safe

  10. Abortion is a very serious procedure. There is no such thing as a safe abortion. Another issue that the medical industry wants to cover up is the link between abortion and cervical cancer.

  11. I was
    that barely any women die from abortions
    but stats are not actual people.

  12. They don’t want to talk about the truth of abortion procedures… it’s not safe! It’s a horrible thing to do to yourself & the baby

  13. Shut them.down. All PP's and other abortion clinics! I'm so sorry for the loss of Cree and her baby, and all the women on the list along with their babies. 💔😢

  14. Rest in peace, dear Cree. Rest in peace, Cree's sweet baby. May God bless your family with peace and powerful voices for change. For Cree and for all the precious lives lost.

  15. It's a year later…FINALLY a President willing to start a long arduous battle to defund & prayerfully shutdown PP for ever!

  16. 9 out of 10 times they go in blind and just start tearing things out. This HAS to be stopped. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for stepping up to help fight this barbaric practice. Much love.

  17. Medical abortions should ONLY be performed in a HOSPITAL. And only before 8w gestation unless medically necessary. Minors MUST HAVE THE PERMISSION OF A PARENT FOR A MEDICAL PROCEDURE. PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS A CHOP SHOP. reminder, in New York, late term abortions can now be performed by NON DRS!!!! more, many more will die.

  18. God bless you, sir, for speaking out about this. I am so sorry for your loss. You have a beautiful family, and I will be praying for you all. I hope you don't mind if I share your video. Everyone needs to know the heartbreaking reality of what abortion really is.

  19. At the end…all of those names of women who died from an abortion -Im no expert but Id have to say that CALIFORNIA seems to have a wee bit of a problem with THIER abortion clinics? I counted almost 63 names from CALIFORNIA ALONE!!!🤔

  20. I am so sorry for your loss but thank you for sharing your story. Brave people like you who speak up are the only way to stop planned parenthood.

  21. Horrific! Poor girl. So sorry for your loss!! 😥😥 'Unplanned' needs to run and run. These butchers have to be exposed and eradicated!! Also the lies, euphemisms and cover ups. I live in Belgium and we're praying and petitioning for 'Unplanned' to come to theaters here. There will be great opposition as the country is extremely liberal. Please pray with us. 😥

  22. This country is pushing abortions HARD. I really do think they wish to use the body parts. Right, New York?
    Women better stop getting pregnant and start learning about the MANY types of birth control that is out there! I did a video about it. I did the research for you about the options, and all you have to do is talk to your dr.

  23. Shocking and sad.
    What kind of facility discharges a patient with perforations to any organ of the body?

  24. On the corner report would it say reason of death by abortion? Or maybe perforated uterus? I am just curious?

  25. The pain you felt at the death of your sister, is because she mattered to you. These babies should matter to you. Her sin was paid back with her life. Abortion is not safe at all.

  26. I remember many years ago, some one introduced a bill to force inspections of abortion clinics here in Louisiana. The Left had a fit over this. The &%$# feminists don't give a DAMN about women, and anyone who thinks they do is just plain blind!

  27. And they say making abortion illegal will lead to harmful abortion but all abortion are not safe for the mother or child the only safe option is adoption.

  28. So sorry for the loss of your sister Cree. No one ever hears about the women or girls that have died from abortions. Thank you for sharing your story. Many need to hear this.

  29. Sincerest condolences to you and your family over the loss of your sister and her baby! I hope the Planned Parenthood eugenics and baby body parts industry is shut down for good! It is a blight and curse on our nation killing the unborn and their mother's! RIP Cree and may God have mercy on your soul and welcome both you and your baby into His kingdom!

  30. Yes it's the same risk as back alley abortions. Perferstion infections sterility.
    It is a surgical procedure done with out anisthesia for other patient. The one they are trying to kill. And the one they are trying to keep alive.
    As bad as that, and they have kept full term babys alive In Incubators, for organs. It's all for profit.
    Lives dont matter. Not black lives not babies lives.
    All Money matters to P.P.

  31. These women and girls are being butchered and left to die. They don’t disclose how dangerous this procedure is. They ignore that aspect. It’s all about the numbers for them. The more abortions they do, the more money they make. It’s not right. Their lives are more valuable than that.

  32. A murder died?! Aww.. good. Fuck off. The only way you should be allowed to kill your baby is by killing yourself.

  33. Oh my God!! All of these people lives were taken,.. planned Parenthood is noting but a slaughterhouse for women and babies!! But I believe that God is no longer winking at this,.. and is sending his Spirit, to clean this sinful mess up!! We already now have 8 states that have voted against abortion in some states unless of an emergency!! Other States I believe will follow suite,.. and before it's over, will reach to the Supreme Court. And who knows,.. Roe VS Wade may be turned over because the Constitution says,.. that all have a right to Life, Liberity and the pursuit of Happiness!! The key Word being LIFE!!

  34. My heart goes out to the family. Please stop these abortions, your life and your babies life is worth more than u can ever imagine.

  35. Instead of having planned parent hood an organization that destroys life. Why cant we have an organization that helps young ladies with life saving choices. If they need help getting their lives on track or even with adoption and stop treating people like they don't matter

  36. I truly wish that the pro-life message starts addressing the real of the problem: morality has sunk so low that sex outside of marriage is common place. The consequences don't matter as long as folks get some. Not only pregnancy, but STDs, HPV, HIV, are all consequences of unprotected sex. Those who don't see the sin problem in this moral failure will continue to scream for a way to "solve" the problem instead of seeing each pregnancy as a gift from God.

  37. So sad…this is very important work you are doing. Your sister's life and death out you on this path. May Planned Parenthood be put out of business forever! God bless you.

  38. So sorry this happenned to your sister. I live in Antigua and have reason to believe your family might be related because of the name Sheppard…and Ashton. Wish I could get in touch

  39. Rest in peace child. 8 ways in 2019 to not get pregnant not to mention morning after pill, abstinence. 9 months out of your life and you get to hand a new life over to someone who will love it. Adoption is always an option.

  40. If abortion is such a safe procedure and they are all about women's health, why do they consistently cover up the fact that many women die from complications? Why do clinics regularly fail safety inspections? Why aren't they honest with women about the risks and the actual procedure? I'll tell you…..profit. PP is a organization built on lies and they profit off of dead babies. The truth is coming out. See the movie "Unplanned". Abby Johnson exposes them. RIP Cree. No family should have to go through this….all for a mistake that could have brought about a blessing. Shut them down!!!!

  41. I hope he understands one day by trying to shut down planned parenthood he is making procedures like the one his sister had less safe, therefore increasing the likelihood of complications and death

  42. Young man , your sister will live again. RIP young lady. Anyone who is considering such, please try to reconsider giving that child a chance. There are people out there who would love to adopt and care for the baby.

  43. I have heard so many stories of women getting infections due to not properly sterilized equipment, uterus' being perforated.

    If they really wanted it safe for women, THEY WOULD HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

    This just breaks my heart. They should have treated her. She could have been ok if they had done something.

  44. Planned parenthood was to remove black people from the earth….don’t do it! There are other options, ALWAYS!

  45. Absolutely disgusting I saw a 13 and 14 year old on that list they were practically babies themselves and killed at the hands of those unborn murderers

  46. Aww I thought abortionists were supposed to take inventory to make sure no BABY PARTS are left inside? Liars

  47. She put herself in that situation she got what she did to her baby pay backs a bitch She should of never went to planned parenthood she would of have her baby and still be alive.

  48. These beautiful women. I am so sorry for their loss. This should not happen. God forgive PP and help those working there to REPENT. They are murdering people.

  49. It is sad when anyone dies. However these women went in with the intention to murder and they were murdered themselves. That is justice for the child.

  50. I'm black. I'm a man. I blame the negro that got her pregnant then abandoned her to get an abortion. If we were men again, most of this would not happen.

  51. I’m so sorry for your loss! R.I.P Cree… Plan Parenthood it’s an evil organization, death mills for profits. It’s sickening

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