With Patients in Mind: University Hospital at UC Irvine Medical Center

>>US News & World Report has recognized UC
Irvine Medical Center as one of America’s Top Hospitals for 8 years running, and that’s
really what we were able to do in the old building. We’ve created now a place to treat
the most complex and serious conditions with top-flight patient care, life-saving research
and wonderful medical education.>>It is exhilarating, I mean, to watch this
thing come up in the last four years, and now it’s a reality. And it’s going make taking
care of patients even more fun than it is already, and it’s going to be a wonderful,
wonderful place for Orange County.>>You know now the real work begins. The
discover, teach, heal – it’s all going to happen here.>>One of the improvements is just we have
private rooms. Private rooms are the most requested amenity. The private room not only
gives a patient privacy, but it also gives the treatment teams an opportunity to conduct
procedures right there in the room. The new patient rooms are filled with not only patient
comforts, but also family comforts. It’s a little bit like a hotel, and we provide sleep
arrangements in an alcove for the families. And we have flat screen televisions. There
is also Internet access, so that patients who would like to do work from their bed can
do so and stay connected. We are hoping that patients and their families have a “wow” experience.
And I think from the point of entry, our grand lobby gives you a “wow” experience when you
walk in. The colors are warm and inviting. The art is nature in theme. There are windows
in everyone’s room, so that brings in the natural light. And folks have a view, and
they can think futuristically about what’s going to be after their care here at the hospital.
It is not just the illness that’s in the bed, it is the person that’s in the bed. That is
who’s here for treatment, and the illness has interrupted their life in so many ways.
It has also interrupted their family’s life, too. We sometimes consider the family the
secondary patient, because we know we have both of them to be concerned about.>>This room we are in is one of two dedicated
neurosurgery rooms here at the new University Hospital. We are extremely proud of this brand
new O.R. It’s one of the first times in the design and building of a hospital, physicians
have been able to work together with the construction people and designers and architects to come
up with a truly unique and state-of-the-art operating theatre for neurosurgery. That means
that we can dedicate this room to very sophisticated electrophysiology monitoring of patient’s
brain, spinal cord and nerves, without electrical interference for the greatest safety of our
patients. But more importantly, we can use this room as a dedicated intro-operative M.R.
operating suite, so we can bring the only intro-operative M.R. staff south of L.A. in
this room and utilize it with the highest quality of imaging. To be able to again achieve
the best outcomes and the highest degree of safety for our patients, particularly for
our brain tumor patients. When I was a young neurosurgeon, did I ever dream of this possibility?
Well, young neurosurgeons have a tendency to have large dreams. It’s inherent in their
nature. Certainly I dreamed it, but it wasn’t until I came to UC Irvine did I recognize
that it was going to be possible as a reality. And that day is here.>>The new NICU is going to have state-of-the-art
monitoring equipment. Each baby will have monitoring in their own room, and also the
nurse will be able to monitor the baby from a central monitoring system. All the individual
rooms will have their own thermostat. The nurse will have the ability to control the
lighting. Each mother will have her own comfortable kangaroo chair. The families will have much
more privacy. It will be much quieter. The nurse will spend the majority of her day in
her patient room interacting with the parents. The families will be more a part of their
baby’s care. I feel like the care we give in the NICU at UCI has always been exemplary.
Now with our new, bright, fresh neonatal unit, I feel like it’s finally going to reflect
and support the top-notch neonatal care that we give to the babies each and every day.>>The meditation prayer room is designed
to be a serene place where families, friends, patients and our staff can come to pray, to
meditate. And we encourage people of all faiths to use the meditation prayer room. UCI is
committed to whole patient care. Obviously we care for the body. That is why people come
here. And the social issues and the psychological issues, and the pastoral care issues, spiritual
– we care for it all. And that’s why we are here and what we do. We’re here for the
whole person.>>This is a building where dreams and prayers
will be answered and miracles will come true. For thousands and thousands and thousands
of people on a daily basis, for generations to come.>>With this new facility, we will be a premier
hospital, a destination hospital, we hope. There is currently no match in the county.>>This is a new day for patients of Orange
County and for the University of California, Irvine. We are tremendously excited and enthusiastic
about taking part in it.

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