Winnemucca Miner Leaves Renown Rehab With Hope for Recovery

I was actually in the best shape in my
life, I thought. I was doing CrossFit five days a week.
I just finished a CrossFit competition I did really well in. I didn’t
understand. How could a 46 year old man who’s in the prime of his life have
a stroke? Gotta give kudos to the underground
mine rescue teams. They just came back from our mine rescue competition.
Those guys were clued in right away that is stroke. They made a really fast,
accurate assessment of my condition which I think may have aided my recovery
because they were so quick so I really, pretty real, these guys are a lot. When I first got
here I couldn’t do anything with my left leg at all. All my left arm, and now I’ve gotten some
movement my left leg. Still nothing in my left arm, but it’s coming. I’m just
really proud of him. He’s done a great job of just trying some just goofy, crazy
things in therapy to try to see how much we can help them improve. We’ve started
walking for the first time, which has been really exciting. The care, and the people they are top-notch. We can figure out They care about you like you’re one of theirs. They
want to see you succeed. It’s their goal, and they work really well together as a team. it was Kirsten’s first prom. She’s a
junior in high school, and so it was her first prom. It was even her first date!
Yeah, and she didn’t think her dad was going to be there. I happened to mention it
to our neighbor, a firefighter and a co-teacher. He texted me later, and he
says “we can do that.” “We can get some guys together, and we can get him here.” It made
it that much more special just to have her dad home
so that one day for her, all for her. I could just scare the crap out of the boy.
Well, when he went to shake my hand, my eyes crossed his. I told him he will have
her here no later than one minute after 11 o’clock. They were at the house
at like 10:57! Well, in two days I get to go to Winnemucca to a skilled nursing facility which will help Dawn out immensely because she
won’t be juggling back and forth between here and Winnemucca, and my kids will
have better access to me. When we got here, I didn’t know what we were going to
be looking at. With the therapies he’s received, I have hope. We have hope.

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