Wilson Workforce & YTI Success Story

[ Music ]>>Welcome to Fishersville,
Virginia, where we caught up with Marvin Whitfield and
Trina Gray at Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center. The two are now friends
and worked hard to ensure that Marvin could get off of Social Security
disability benefits and close that chapter in his life.>>I work really hard. I like to use all of
my energy, motivation, and make myself more proud to
see what deaf people can do.>>Marvin received a variety
of training at Wilson Workforce and was hired by Hershey, which has a large
manufacturing facility nearby.>>He understood the
concept of the more money that he would make through
employment would reduce his benefits. And, hopefully, the goal was for
him to start working full-time so that he could meet
that break-even point where he benefits would
be reduced to zero.>>Unfortunately, things weren’t
as easy as they had hoped because there was a
significant overpayment on Marvin’s Social Security
case from when he was a child. Then, when he started working,
another overpayment took place, even though all of the needed
documentation had been submitted to Social Security. In total, the overpayments
were about $12,000. And Marvin was expected
to pay everything back.>>Really, she helped me
through the CSI and payments and assistance and
helped me make my progress and really helped me
focus on my working on it and get through by myself. And so, I don’t have to work through SSI and some
other stuff.>>Marvin and Trina fought that overpayment
determination and won. That’s where the
connection took place between the Yang-Tan Institute
at Cornell University and Trina, a Work Incentive Specialist
Advocate for the state of Virginia who counsels
individuals with disabilities about their benefits and how
going to work will impact them. Trina took YTI’s unique
Work Incentives Practitioner Credentialing program online,
which is the only independent and research-based program of
its kind in the United States.>>There was class,
December of 2018, that went over the payments. And I kept thinking to myself,
this is what Marvin needs. This is what we need
to do with Marvin. And it just reinforced what
my thought process was.>>One of the advantages of taking the YTI benefits
credentialing program is the personalized support that
Trina received during and after the course
from the instructors, including Ray Cebula, who is one of the premier disability
benefits attorneys in the United States.>>I contacted Ray
in an email and said, you know, I have a situation. Do you think this is something
that I should be working on? And, you know, Ray, he emailed
back and said absolutely. And he gave me an idea
of some of the wording that I should put in the letter. And I took all that
information and, you know, I composed the letter and
submitted it with the paperwork that we did for Marvin. And, you know, I feel certain
that’s what made this case successful was having the
support after the fact that I took these classes and
that I was able to ask questions and know exactly the
path I should be taking for this particular case.>>Really, she has a lot, a lot
of support for me and helped me in my life what I
understand, what I need to do and make me a better person. [ Music ]

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