Willow Valley Medical Clinic | Franklin County, Idaho

The health care providers at
Willow Valley Family Medicine and Obstetrics are dedicated to
whole family, whole life care. No matter what stage of
life you are in, Willow Valley is here to offer
you quality, personable care. We are located across the 
street from the Franklin County Medical Center which houses a Specialty Clinic,
Hospital, Physical Therapy, Senior Living and more. Our unique position allows us
to provide quality transitional and
coordinated care. Everything that we do, we pride
ourselves in doing it well. And if we can’t do
something well, frankly, we aren’t
going to do it. Our abilites are dependant
upon the doctors and providers we have in
our clinic. We have a wide range of
physicians and mid-levels. working with us that
can provide a wide range of services. at the highest
quality available. Coordinated care gives you
a medical home. So we take care of you, Before you’re sick, while
you’re sick and after you’re sick. We can handle from birth all
the way to geriatrics and everything in between.
Well child checks, sick visits, you name it. In this setting, we’re able to
see our patients in the clinic, We’re able to follow them into
the hospital if there is a need for that. And often times it might be
one of us that will see somebody in
the emergency room. So you’re always getting a
physician that knows you that knows your history. You’re not starting from
scratch every single time. The transition of care is much
more simplified. The speed at which things
happen is acctually greater. At our clinic we have everything
you would expect to find at any other family
practice clinic. We’re able to run biopsies. We can do skin procedures, sutures, casts, cast removals,
pap smears, LEEP procedures. And things they would have
waited months to have seen a specialist We get them in the next week
with one of our docs. We are treating you like you
are our family and friends, because most of the time you
are our family and friends. I really like the way we
associate with the patients, the way the staff
blends together and the way the physicians really take care
of their patients. They are really one-on-one
with their patient and really get to know them. Probably most of how I decide
what I’m going to do with somebody as far as a
treatment plan is concerned is based on their history,
what they tell me about what they are feeling
and their symptoms And not just hear what
they are saying, but hear what they are
not saying. There’s a lot that can be said
with just body language. One of the nice aspects of
internal medicine is that sometimes I get to focus
on those complitcated situations And we can allow for more
time in the visit for that. Sometimes there’s just a lot
of story behind something that you’re not going to be
able to get out. And trying to tell your life
story in five or ten minutes is not an easy thing to do. it’s a very uncomfortable
thing to do so sometimes more
time is needed. If you don’t listen, you’re
not going to learn what’s going on
with people. We can draw a bunch
of labs and we can do a
bunch of x-rays but that only tells a
part of the story. We don’t treat numbers. We try not to treat images. We try to treat people. And not all labs mean
something is wrong. Sometimes you just have to
listen to people. Willow Valley is here to care
for you and your family. Along with Family Medicine, we
are here to coordinate all of your care with internal
medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, urgent care and more. All of this can be found
in one place that cares for you as part of
our Franklin County family.

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