William Weatherford, MD Family Medicine of Tonganoxie

I’m Bill Weatherford, a family practice
physician in Tonganoxie, Kansas. I’ve been there for almost nine years now. I have five children of my own, all in elementary school and younger. I still have a two-year-old at home which keeps things interesting. We don’t ever have a lot of quiet moments at our house, it’s pretty chaotic, but we have a lot of fun! I think it was always natural for me to go into family medicine, because I was a part of a very big family. Family has always been really important. I’m 20 years older than my littlest brother. I’ve always been around babies and children at the same time I’ve always enjoyed working with older people and there wasn’t a feel that I could think of in medicine that let me do a little of everything. I could never focus on one thing. I like to do a lot of different things, I have a lot of interests. Family medicine is great because you can try you can see a lot of
different things you can interact with people all the way from the time they’re
born till the time they die and you just get involved in the whole life process
and the families of those people and it’s just been that’s what I like about it. Medicine doesn’t really work unless there’s a partnership between the physician and the patient. I think… I have to have the full involvement of the patient. My job is not to tell somebody what to do but to kind of be a coach and help them along. So I try to listen to the patient and see what their what their expectations are and what
they want and then help them to achieve that.

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