Why You Should Have Your Baby at UC Davis Medical Center

My name is Nadine Turnboo and I’m a
labor and delivery nurse at UC Davis Medical Center. Here at UC Davis we love
that we offer our mom’s couplet care nursing. We like our moms and babies to
stay together at all times. We also send our moms home with a sleep sack to help
boost our safe sleep program. Each one of our nurses has gone through special
lactation training, but we also offer a lactation consultant every day that
you’re here. Now when you go home, we have a lactation support group to help you
and your baby. One of the new amenities here at UC Davis is our celebratory meal.
We offer a celebration meal for you and your support person and we offer tools
such as portable monitors, walkers, recliners, birthing balls and squat bars
and peanut balls to support you in your labor. Our hospital offers obstetric
anesthesiology 24/7 and we also are one of the few hospitals in Sacramento that
offer nitrous oxide. For more information visit children.ucdavis.edu.

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