Why you should choose Ohio State for rehabilitation

Someone should come to OSU for their rehab
because of the expertise that we offer. We have a dedicated team of therapists who are
neurologically trained. We go above and beyond the basic criteria, which we need to meet
in order to be speech, physical and occupational therapists, as well as recreational therapists.
And we really care about our patients. We dedicate ourselves to our patients and what
their goals are, in addition to what our goals are. We really focus on patient centered care.
And we keep our team of nurses, who are certified rehab nurses and we have greater than 75 percent
of our nurses are certified rehab nurses, which is very difficult to find in an inpatient
rehab hospital. The other thing that makes it great is that we work as a team. We have
a team approach between the physicians, the nurses, the therapists and the case managers
and social workers. Every week we meet as a team and we discuss patients, but we’re
constantly discussing patients on a daily basis. So I think the best thing that we have
to offer from a rehab standpoint is the team approach that we offer to patients. And the
patient and the families are the center of our team and then we all kind of work around

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