Why we like working at Johnston-Willis Hospital

[MUSIC PLAYING] I came to work
at Johnston-Willis because it’s a great
neighborhood hospital. It’s close. It’s convenient to a
lot of different places. The culture here is great, with
a lot of positive employees and other people. And it feels more like a
family when you’re here. It’s a large medical
campus, one of the largest ones in the area. The women’s unit where our
patients recover from surgery, there’s all private rooms. And the nurses are all very
experienced, do a great job. So it’s very easy to take
care of our patients. I like working at
Johnston-Willis Hospital really for the people– the staff, whether it’s
other physicians, nursing, administration, the cleaning
crew, the transport, everybody. From the CNO who knows
your name– which is amazing, because there’s hundreds of us–
to the EVS staff to everybody, they’re all wonderful
people here. I’ve had my own two children
here, multiple emergency room visits here by
choice, and continue to work here by choice. We’re doing something
a little bit more unique than a lot of the other places. I love this place. The nursing program,
the nurses, the support that they give you for growth
here at Johnston-Willis is wonderful. For my family, this is where
we come for our health care. And we’ve always had such
great experiences, I thought, what a great place to work.

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