Why We Like Working at Chippenham Hospital

[MUSIC PLAYING] I can remember as
a child growing up and my mom having surgery
Chippenham Hospital. So for me, it’s kind
of like almost, but not quite coming home. It’s really a place that
then provide services, very similar to what you would
find in a university program, but in a private setting. And so it gives a
unique flavor of then care, but extensive care. There’s a lot of
potential for it to grow and morph into something
even better for the community. They have a good quality
team with trauma physicians ICU staff, nursing staff,
physical therapists. And it allows me to get
my patients the best care possible. Chippenham is a heart hospital
and I feel very comfortable with having my patients there,
particularly the ones that are more complicated that might
need more in-depth care. I enjoy working at Chippenham
Medical Center largely because of the quality of the other
doctors and clinicians that work here. It’s really second to none with
the nurses and other physicians we have on this campus. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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