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– [Narrator] The following
information is intended for educational purposes only,
it it not medical advice. The views expressed do not
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implement this information, please do so only with the assistance of a licensed medical professional. Neither the presenter, nor A
Rood Awakening! International, nor this broadcaster
assume any responsibility for any adverse effects or
consequences that may result. – Statin drugs are the
most profitable drugs in the history of pharmaceuticals. And yet, they fail to prevent
or treat heart disease for almost everyone who takes them, and they’re causing more harm than any other class of medications. In fact, statins are effective for approximately 1% of those who take them. In other words, statins fail
99% of those who take them. Not to mention, cholesterol
is not a harmful substance. In fact, it’s essential. But, how can this be? Why have we been taught that cholesterol is the enemy and statins are the answer? Dr. David Brownstein, author of the book The Statin Disaster is with us today, and he’s about to give
you a health awakening. (upbeat music) Welcome to The Health Awakening. I’m your host Scott Laird. Yes, you heard right, cholesterol is not a harmful substance. In fact, it is an essential substance that is needed by every cell in the body. We can’t live without adequate
amounts of cholesterol, and, ironically, the statin drugs that are used to lower it are associated with a host
of serious adverse effects, including ALS, breast cancer,
congestive heart failure, kidney and liver damage, memory
problems, muscle weakness, neurological disorders such
as Parkinson’s Disease, and thyroid disorders as well. Our guest today is Dr. David Brownstein, who wrote the book called
The Statin Disaster, in which he teaches you the steps you can take to prevent becoming a heart patient and to holistically treat heart disease without statin drugs. Dr. Brownstein, welcome back
to The Health Awakening. – Thank you for having me, Scott. – So we want to talk about statin drugs there seems to be this notion out there that has been out there for many years that cholesterol, heart disease, it’s sort of a cause and effect. Why is this a failed paradigm? – Well, Scott, there’s really
no good data that statins help nearly 99% of people who
they’re prescribed for. In fact, when you take
into the adverse effects and the cost of them,
I think it’s a disaster that they’re still on the market. If the FDA was working for us, we wouldn’t have to worry about it. They would have pulled statins long ago. Because they fail the vast
majority who take them. – So, now, there seems
to be research out there. I saw a study this morning, 2013, that claimed that these drugs
did in fact lower cholesterol and, therefore, are good for
preventing heart disease. So is this maybe these results look better than they actually are, or why are there results out
there that look positive? – So Scott, the theory that cholesterol causes heart disease started
in the early 20th Century when researchers from Russia
fed rabbits cholesterol, and the rabbits developed
atherosclerotic plaque similar to the way humans do. So that was where the theory stated. The theory was perpetuated in the 1950s when Ancel Keys published his study that showed that higher fat in the diet is associated with more heart disease. And since then drug
companies and big pharma and mainstream medicine has been consumed with the idea that cholesterol
causes heart disease. Now, if we go back to the beginning, when they fed rabbits cholesterol and that rabbits developed
atherosclerotic plaque similar to the way humans do, I say that’s a failed paradigm because rabbits don’t normally eat cholesterol is their diets. Rabbits are vegetarians and they fed the rabbits the wrong food. But the early studies also showed that if the rabbit were fed enough iodine, they wouldn’t develop heart disease even if they were given
cholesterol in their diets. So it should have stopped from that point, but we have been on a
journey, a 70-year journey of telling people to lower
their cholesterol in diet and lower their levels of the drug saying it’s going to lower their risk of heart disease but
that’s just not so 99% (doctor speaking faintly) So when I have a medical
student in my office, the first thing I do is I give them an article about statins. I ask them, “Tell me how
effective these drugs.” (speaking faintly) ‘Cause the article I give
them is about Crestor, it’s what gave statins
the indication of primary (speaking faintly), meaning people who never had heart disease are prescribed statins so they won’t get heart (speaking faintly). That was the indication
that this study gave them. So if you just look at
the review of the study, the abstract, these studies
says 50% less heart attacks and 20% less mortalities
for healthy people (speaking faintly) that drug. Well you gotta delve into it and you got to figure out the statistics to show that the numbers
are, this drug failed 99.5% of the time and they didn’t
get any benefit from them. And so it’s my premise that statins have failed the vast majority. If you look at those who died
from a fatal heart attack, over 50% have high cholesterol. What about the other 50%? They have low cholesterol,
it’s really no association. Though I think that it’s
just a marketing ploy and I think that it’s made
our country poorer and sicker and I think these drugs should
be pulled from the market. They just don’t work. They don’t work for women, they don’t work for healthy people, and
for those that have had a heart attack, there’s
maybe a 1% benefit of less non-fatal strokes and heart
attacks who take a statin. Nobody lives (speaking faintly) longer amount of time if you take a statin and there’s really no reason to take ’em when they’re associated
with all the adverse effects that you mentioned at the
beginning of the episode. – So now what happens when
someone goes to the doctor and they’re told they’ve
had high LDL, low HDL, is it really a difference in
what we’re looking at there? Let’s set the record straight on what is the difference there. – So Scott I can tell you
that over 99% of doctors and medical students are unable to critically read a research study. They can’t understand the
statistics used to analyze the study, they can’t
make their own conclusion. They’re relying on the abstracts and the conclusions in the abstracts. And these conclusions are based on faulty statistical analysis. And most research studies
and all statin studies are done with a relative
risk interpretation. And I explained to the medical students, when I lecture to doctors, I tell them how to pick up on this. And a relative risk analysis of any medical study should never be used when you’re clinically deciding whether to prescribe a drug for anyone or not. – All right, Dr. David
Brownstein now hold that thought. We’re talking with our guest today, Dr. David Brownstein, the
author of The Statin Disaster. We’re going to talk
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collection, only in June. Call 800-788-7887 or visit our website to make your love gift donation now. (upbeat music) And welcome back to the Health Awakening. Before the break we were
talking with our guest, Dr. David Brownstein, the author of The Statin Disaster about statin drugs. And I asked Dr. Brownstein
about research studies that seemed to indicate that
these drugs actually help. And Dr. David Brownstein
you were talking about how doctors can’t seem to read
these research studies right. – So we’re not taught in medical school how to critically read a research study. As I was saying, most studies are recorded in a relative risk format. That’s an inaccurate
way to report a study. And the reason big pharma does that is because it makes a
poorly performing drug or therapy look much
better than it actually is. So the statin drugs, when
the studies come back that say they’re 30 or 40% effective, what that means in most cases
is their 1% or less effective. So what I teach to medical
students and doctors is how to figure out how many patients you need to treat with this drug to get this one effect from any research study. So in the case of statin drugs, for those who have never had a
heart attack or a stroke, to prescribe statins
to prevent their first heart attack or stroke, you
need to treat somewhere between two and 500 people to prevent one case. That means it fails over 99% who take it. I think that’s a ridiculous
way to prescribe medicine that is associated with adverse effects and costs too much money. We should be prescribing drugs that work and statin drugs simply don’t work for the vast majority who take ’em. – Now speaking of
cholesterol, we mentioned that cholesterol is not
a bad thing necessarily and in your book you talk about the biosynthetic pathway for cholesterol. Can you explain what that is? – So every cell in our body needs and produces its own cholesterol. Cholesterol is needed to
protect the cell membrane. The highest concentration of
cholesterol is in the brain. The statins poison an enzyme
called HMG- CoA Reductase. And by poisoning this
enzyme, the cell is unable to make cholesterol and will lower the amount of cholesterol it can make. So statins are perfect drugs to lower cholesterol levels, ’cause
they work at doing that. Problem is, they don’t
work at preventing strokes and heart attacks for about
99% or more who take to hem. So when you deprive the
cells of cholesterol, the membranes aren’t as healthy, the brain doesn’t become healthy. Once you understand the
mechanism of statins you can figure out, that’s
why statins are associated with so many memory deficits,
Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, ’cause you’re lowering a vital substance that the brain needs. – Interesting okay, now we got into … We started talking about
HDL versus LDL cholesterol, now we always hear these two terms. Do people really need do
be concerned about these? Yes or no and why? – The short answer is no. So HDL and LDL are different lipoprotein molecules that carry
cholesterol throughout the body. In a simplest term I can make this, LDL takes cholesterol from the liver and deposits it in the tissues, and HDL takes it from the tissues and
brings it back to the liver. Now everyone thinks
HDL is good cholesterol and the LDL is bad bad cholesterol, nothing could be further from the truth. They’re both essential substances that we can’t live without in our body. Now big pharma makes a big
deal about LDL cholesterol because their medications
affect LDL cholesterol numbers. The reason they don’t make a big deal out of HDL cholesterol
is their medications don’t affect their numbers. Now if you drop LDL
cholesterol low enough, you’re gonna be at an increased
risk for brain problems and/or infections ’cause LDL is needed to fight infection in the body. Though you can predict
that will be a side effect of using statin drugs and it actually is a side effect of using statin. So I say this whole LDL, HDL
is all noise and nonsense out there that people
shouldn’t be so concerned with. – Okay, now you have a special section about women and statins in your book. What’s the significance there? Is it hormones and hypothyroid,
going through menopause? Is it associated with that at all? – Well the first comment
I’d make on that is there’s not a single study
that shows that women who have never had a
history of heart disease or stroke benefit from any statin drug. They don’t live longer, they
don’t have less strokes, and they don’t have less heart attacks. So, the other problem with
statin drugs in women, actually it’s in women and men is that when they poison that
enzyme HMG-CoA Reductase, that’s the step before the
cell makes cholesterol. Well the cell needs
cholesterol to make hormones. And the hormones needed are testosterone and estrogen and progesterone and cortisol and if you block cholesterol
from the beginning, you’re gonna lower a
person’s hormone levels. So I talk about in the
book how women’s hormones get totally disrupted from statins. And it’s not only women
but men suffer from it too because their testosterone levels decline. So, again when you weigh
the evidence that statins benefit maybe at best maybe 1% of the people who take them or less, and you throw in the problems of brain dysfunction and immunity dysfunction and hormonal dysregulation,
there really is no reason they should be on the
market and if the FDA was working for us, they would
have realized this long ago and pulled these items
from the marketplace. – All right, well we’re
talking about statin drugs and should they be on the
market or shouldn’t they be. Our guest today is Dr. David Brownstein, the author of The Statin Disaster, and we’ll be right back with
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the Health Awakening. Before the break we were
talking with our guest Dr. David Brownstein about
thyroid issues and hormonal issues and the result of
statins on people who are taking other medications for
these types of things. So Dr. David Brownstein,
let’s talk about men. Men are always encouraged now
days to go check out low T, you know for low on energy et cetera. We’re asked to go check our hormone level. And you’re saying that statin drugs can actually skew those results. – Well Scott if you would just study, anyone who has studied
the mechanism or action of statin drugs, it
could be easily predicted that if you take a statin
drug and you’re a man, or a woman, you’re gonna lower
your testosterone levels. And the reason is, that
enzyme, HMG-CoA Reductase that makes cholesterol is poisoned when you take a statin drug. That’s how it works. Cholesterol is the precursor molecule needed to make the adrenal
and sex hormones of the body. So if you look at the
pathway and you just go down the pathway,
testosterone is in there. You can predict anyone who takes statins is gonna lower his or
her testosterone levels. And that’s exactly what happens with men. That’s why when men takes statin drugs, their libido falls, their ability
to perform sexually falls, and their testosterone levels could fall. And there’s a whole host
of degenerative changes that could happen when men, you know get too low of testosterone levels. I’ve been checking men and
their testosterone levels for over 20 years, I’ve
seen great benefits when testosterone is balanced, along with the other hormones of the body. And a similar effect happens in women. They can take a statin
drug and their progesterone and estrogen and testosterone
levels were also … And I can tell you Scott,
men and women don’t feel well when their
hormones are imbalanced. The first book that I
wrote nearly 20 years ago was called The Miracle
Of Natural Hormones. And I wrote that book because my dad was suffering from severe heart disease. He was on numerous medications
to control his cholesterol levels and the side effect of those were his hormonal system was in disarray. When I got my dad off the
cholesterol medications and put him on natural hormones, he made a dramatic recovery
in his heart disease and that’s what really
started me on this quest. – So that’s interesting, you
put people on natural hormones. We’ll have to make that another show and talk about hormone replacement. But for hypothyroid, I know several women that I know are suffering with this, and I’m not sure if any of them
are taking the statin drugs, but you’re saying that
could also have an effect. – Well when statins
dysregulate the adrenal and sex hormones, they whole hormonal
symphony gets disrupted and that can include the thyroid. So there’s really no reason to disrupt a crucial molecule that’s made in every single cell in the body
by poisoning an enzyme. And without positive
benefits in 99 plus percent who take them, I can’t
quite understand why 1/3 of adult Americans are prescribed these medications who are taking them. I think it’s a disaster
and that’s why I titled the book, The Statin Disaster. – When someone goes to
their doctor and the doctor says we need to put you on
this drug, this statin drug, what should they tell their doctor, what should they come back with? – Well number one, they
need to educate themselves how these drugs work in
the body and what they do. So I think once people educate on a lot of different medications
and how they work, they’ll be less likely to take them. So if you’re going to
be prescribed a drug, you need to ask the doctor
what’s this drug supposed to do. And if the doctor says,
lower my cholesterol levels. Well, does that make me feel better? Does that give me less
strokes or heart attacks? If the doctor says it does, then I would say find a new doctor because that’s just not the case for 99% who take it. – That’s interesting. So then what is the real
solution to heart disease? If someone is headed that way and they got you know narrowed
arteries, what do they do? – Well, you know I’ve written 15 books and my books all have
the same theme to them. You know I wrote about
what works in my practice. So the real solution to heart
disease is do the basics. The basics are eat good foods, without refining food
products and that includes refined, sugar, flour, salt, and oils. Drink enough water. There’s studies in Switzerland that men who drink more than six glasses of water have 40% less strokes and
50% less heart attacks compared to men who drink less
than two glasses of water. They need to get their hormonal system balanced and maintain their balance. They need to correct nutrient imbalances and I can tell you, in
our food supply right now, the vast majority of people
have nutrient imbalances. And I call this doing the basics. And when the basics are done, the human body was designed perfectly to provide us with health, provide us with
enough energy into old age. – You know something not directly
related to statins per se, but it has to do with the diseases that supposedly statins help
with it, and heart disease, and what often leads to heart disease is high blood pressure of course, and often people will
point the finger at salt. And I know you also have
something to say about salt and health, could we talk
about that for a minute? – Sure, I have a book called
Salt Your Way To Health, and the reason I wrote
that book is the vast majority of people are
actually salt deficient. So limiting salt in your
diet, triggers a response in the adrenal glands
where certain hormones are released which actually
raises your blood pressure. So there’s no reason to limit salt for the vast majority of people out there unless you have kidney failure. The human body was designed
to need and acquire salt. We need over 100 grams of sodium, over 100 grams of fluoride
every single day to live. And we don’t have any stores of these. So either we get them from our diet on a daily basis or we
become deficient in them. – So at the Brownstein house, I know what we have at the Laird house,
but at the Brownstein house, what kind of salt do you use and why do you use that particular kind? – Well in my book I
describe, I write about the difference between
refined and unrefined salt. Unrefined salt has over 80 minerals in it. It’s got its full complement of minerals wherever that salt was taken from. Refined salt that most of us are used to, that thin white stuff that gets through the small holes of a shaker, has no minerals in it, the
minerals have been removed. Their actually referred to as impurities from the salt manufacturers. That’s a refined, dangerous, product that we don’t need to use. I encourage people to use unrefined salt. In the Brownstein household salt is kept on the table, it’s kept out. My kids were told to salt their food from a small age and carry
unrefined salt to restaurants. And that’s the Brownstein house. – All right, well you’ve had a bonus today watching the show. Not only did you find out about statins, you found out about salt and what both can do or not do for your health. So thank you for joining us today, our guest has been Dr. David Brownstein and we’ll be back with more from Heath Awakening to wrap this up. (upbeat music) After the stoning of Steven, Paul continued persecuting the
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collection, only in June. (dramatic music) (upbeat music) And welcome back to the Health Awakening. Well like we said before, you
had a bonus episode today. We were talking about
statin drugs and what you can do to avoid taking them and maybe what you can
talk to your doctor about. And also we talked about salt and Dr. David Brownstein
has been our guest today. Dr. David I know that you have written more than 15 books and a lot of your books cover these topics, so which ones would you recommend and why? And which ones would you like for us to particularly pay attention to? – I’d like to tell the listeners to don’t put up with not feeling well. And don’t put up with getting suboptimal answers from your health care provider. You need to educate yourself on what these drugs are doing
and you need to educate yourself on what natural
therapies are available to you. My books are available at drbrownstein.com, drbrownstein.com. And I write them for lay
people, I write them for doctors because things should be simple enough for everybody to understand. If you’re reading something
that you don’t understand, then I would say the person writing it probably doesn’t understand it either. So, I hope they’ll give a look to some of the stuff that I’ve done and you know I just want to promote
health in our country. – All right, well I appreciate that. I know I’ve got a couple of your book on my shelf, they’re a great read. And like Dr. Brownstein says, they’re easy to read, pick them up. Again for more information about statins, cholesterol, and diet,
visit drbrownstein.com. Thank you Dr. David Brownstein for joining us today on the Heath Awakening. – Thank you for having me Scott. – All right, and we’ll see you next time for another Health Awakening. (upbeat music) thank you for joining us
today on the Health Awakening. You can catch the replay of this episode and see our complete show
schedule at healthawakening.tv. For more information
about our guests today and all they have to offer, please visit their website on the
bottom of your screen. And please remember the information you saw today is for
educational purposed only. It is not medical advice, nor do the views expressed reflect those
of this broadcaster. Should you choose to implement this information, please do so only with the assistance of a
licensed medical professional. Neither the presenter nor
this broadcaster assume any responsibility for any adverse effects or consequences that
may result, thank you. (upbeat music)

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  1. Great information! I am familiar with Dr Brownstein with the book he wrote, The Iodine Crisis, another must read. Most Dr have no clue and frankly are not interested in learning anything new, like he said " find another Dr" then you discover your Insurance doesn't cover Homeopathic or Paleo Physicians. Western medicine just throws pills after every Symptom you present instead of figuring out the root cause and working with your body; the only ones benefiting is the Pharmaceutical companies.

  2. But the bad cholesterol is whats concerning which is what i have. And its high. My bosy manufactures it.

  3. Great stuff. I am a methadone program client. It does a great job to the communities that have these clinics but often trap the person on a high dose that is very hard to bring down. Most clinics try keep people on this powerful drug. Turning people from the illegal drug to one that is prescribed. The powers that be gain loyal customers that end up back in vicious circle of sorts. I was trapped in this cycle. Took finding about the Sabbath and annual Sabbaths to start finding a way or " the way " the path out of this terrible cycle of addiction. Great stuff guys

  4. So glad you are giving Dr. Brownstein the opportunity to speak! He outed how bad soy beans are for us years ago!

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