Why pursue a PhD in Nursing?

The PhD program here at the University
Wisconsin-Madison prepares nurses to be researchers. The goal is really to
develop the knowledge base that will be used to guide practice and to improve
health. I wanted to address some of my compelling research questions about
health. I also want to learn the skills necessary to take those research findings
and translating to nursing practice. Issues like turnover, difficulties
transitioning to practice, staffing; these types of issues led me to realize that
we need more research in order to create interventions that can help nurses to
provide better patient care and care for themselves. I want to have a broader
impact. I want to do research that changes policy, that advances the field
of nursing, and improves health outcomes for the people of Wisconsin and beyond. The PhD
program requires a lot of time, effort, and commitment. It’s a time for you to
really focus exclusively on the question, or problem, or population of interest that
you have and to learn research methods so that you can become an independent
researcher. We try to give all of our students some financial support so that
they can afford to really focus exclusively on their education without
having to also work at the same time. We work hard to match students with a
faculty mentor. Both of my mentors have helped me really look at this broad area
and focus it down on to what I’m really interested in, and they’re always
available and willing to help and so that has just made for a successful
research program that’s tailored to me. Having funding support available allows
me to fully dedicate myself to education and research. From day one, I have valued
the opportunity to work with world-class faculty in nursing and other departments
across campus. I was given the opportunity to conduct interviews with
nurses my first semester here. This experience really helped me to realize
my own research questions and learn new methodologies that i will use in my
future research. My research has focused on long-term care and disease prevention health promotion. My peers have focused on end-of-life and palliative
care, whereas others have focus on clinical science
and policy efficacy. There are great wealth of opportunities and learning
experiences that one can get from this school. My experience and cross
Department collaboration has really challenged me to think in new ways, and
consider the patient as a whole, and how complex the healthcare system can be as
well as the patient’s needs. We know that prospective students have lots of
choices when it comes to picking a school. Here’s why some of our students
say that the University of wisconsin-madison is right for them: So
my mentors have really supported me throughout my journey in terms of my
academic achievements, professional development, and just overall my program
of research. And my peers have really supported me in terms of personal issues
and really given me the energy and motivation to get through the program,
which i think is what you need when you when you go into a doctoral program and
definitely what you’ll get here. Being here at the School of Nursing for the
last few years it’s been so exciting to see myself grow throughout the program
and realize my full potential, to collaborate and lead interdisciplinary
teams, but also to see my research come to life!

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  1. i haven't started nursing yet.I have decided to get both my master's and doctorate degree in nursing.I know it won't be easy,but it wont kill me to try.

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