Why Physiatrists Partner With Integrated Rehab Consultants (IRC)

In the subacute setting, I felt it gave me
independence to practice medicine the way I want to practice, be financially
free from all the different red tape, and at the same time having a flexible schedule
so I can balance my life and my work and take off as much as I want. I’m a consultant, I’m not really tied down to do certain things and I practice the way
I want to practice. Some of the biggest reasons physicians join us: reputation, we’ve been doing this over 10 years and nationally we’re known. I mean, doctors,
facilities, they know what they’re getting when they join IRC.
Number two: compensation. We pay our doctors, our doctors are above
national average of compensation and we provide an opportunity for them to earn
even more. You know, we go off of what they want to earn and we make it happen.
Trust is another big reason they join us. You can trust that we’re fully
transparent in everything that we do and everything that we do is going to be in
their best interest and provide the support that they need. And then, I would say quality of life. Who doesn’t want to not take call seven days
a week, be able to enjoy time with their family, take vacation, and not worry about
that and just focus on seeing patients. We want to make sure that we set
everything up properly for them, their success, which is what we do. We’re very
transparent in that they need to see the facilities that they’re going to be
introduced to. They need to interview the buildings that we place them into. They
need to see the support that they’re going to get. They want to see what the
census is going to be like. Everything that we do is completely transparent
before a doctor ever comes on board. The two big things about IRC I think is that they provide a great support system. So not only do the administrative people in
the administrative roles help you if you’re stuck or you have concerns, but they have a fantastic support staff. They provide you with
documents, they provide you with articles, they provide you with all kinds of
things that can enhance your practice, which is great, but also on the portal
they have a breakdown of your reimbursements, which is huge for
physicians because, you know you want to know what you’re going to get paid at
the end of the day and and this gives you a breakdown of exactly who you’ve
seen, what the reimbursements are, what the collections have been, when they’re
coming in, who’s still needing collections to come in, all those things
and that’s fantastic. We’re gonna provide all the support that
you need so that you don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to recreate the
wheel, you’re gonna step in and see patients just like what you were trained
to see.

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