Why Ohio State for orthopedic trauma care | Ohio State Medical Center

One of the things I love best about
working at Ohio State is the dedication of the care teams in delivering the best
patient care possible for patients. So the bedside nursing, the PCA, my physician assistants, the residents that we work with, my co surgeons, my co medical
doctors all have the patient in the forefront of their mind. It is really a
collaborative effort, and it’s something that I found very unique to Ohio State
University. I believe that patients who choose Ohio State because not only are
we patient-centric in terms of our collaborative team-based care, but we are
also at the forefront of new and advanced care techniques with the
research that we do. We have many of the world’s experts in all surgical and
medical subspecialties so we have the power to be able to treat all patients
whether the more straightforward fracture care or the heart transplant
patient who sustained multiple trauma. We have the power to take care of you at
Ohio State.

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