Why I’m Studying ECU’s Master of Clinical Nursing – Anhnie’s Story

My name is Anhnie Nguyen and I’m studying
Masters of Clinical Nursing at ECU. I worked for a couple of years and then I
decided that I wanted to go back to uni to do my Masters.
Having an online unit is great, because I can just go home and then I can just attend
the lectures online. So with the virtual classroom is an online
lecture so you get to see your tutor and then you meet your other fellow students as well,
so you get to chat with them. So it’s a great way to your other fellow students.
Definitely ECU is a great place to do your masters or postgraduate. The staff are so
supportive, especially if you’re working full-time.
The lecturers and the tutors have been really supportive. You can just call them and they
actually help you and guide you through it, which is really good.
So with my supervisor and mentor it’s great because if I want to see them face-to-face
they always give me a time so I can come into uni and see them so they’re always there
to support me and they’re always happy to see me on campus as well.

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