Why health care should start long before you reach the hospital | Michael Dowling

want to improve health, you have to deal with more than
just the provision of medical care. So a lot of what medical
care gets blamed for or what we call the health system,
the hospitals, the docs what we get blamed for are things that we don’t
have direct responsibility for. In the U.S. we have very,
very high mortality, higher than other parts of the world
there are lots of reasons for this. For example, death from gunshot wounds
is included in the mortality stats. Yet, people who work in
health care are not the people who actually kill people with guns. Sometimes, these
statistics get all warped. That doesn’t mean we
shouldn’t be involved. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t
be a catalyst, that we shouldn’t be an influencer, that
we shouldn’t actually be out there in the
communities doing things. Now if you get sick and you
come to a hospital, yeah, we can take care of you. But the issues that
determine your health go way, way beyond just the
provision of medical care. It has to do with lifestyle. It has to do with social circumstance. It has to do with environment, your
family situation, where you live. If you’re living in a very,
very good neighborhood there’s a lot of research done on this
with all of the facilities that you would have in any top,
middle-class, upper-middle-class neighborhood, you will live years
longer than the person who lives in a very, very poor area, in general. So if I want to improve
your health, I’ve got to make sure that I have
doctors, and nurses, et cetera to provide medical care to you. But I’ve also got to figure out how
to work on all of these other things. How do I, for example, make sure
that there is not lead in the house that you live in or in
the apartment building. We had kids living in
homes and it still goes on in many of the buildings
in New York City and elsewhere where the radiators in the homes were
painted with lead paint or lead pipes. Now I can have the doctor go
to that apartment every month and treat that kid. But unless I change the paint, or change
the pipe, or get rid of the radiator, or cover up the radiator,
having a doctor go there every month doesn’t necessarily
overall improve health. So I know somebody in the last
two days that was at the hospital, had an occurrence in one of
our hospitals, goes home. Our hospital sent a
nutritionist to the home. That nutritionist sat
down with that person for a couple of hours, explained
to them how they should be eating. That person, there was a
weight issue not substantial but there was a weight issue, there
was a high blood pressure issue so they explained diet. They then offered to come to
the home and teach the person how to cook those foods that would be
more appropriate to improve health. That’s how we improve health. The hospital did its thing. But if you don’t follow up
and do those other things, that person will be back
in the hospital again.

29 thoughts on “Why health care should start long before you reach the hospital | Michael Dowling

  1. Trusting to be taken care of when sick – is a suicide mission. Why should somebody else (a doctor) care about your health more than you? We can't expect treating our bodies as garbage cans and think that the medicine will cure us, just like that.
    Sleep good
    Eat healthy
    Exercise physical activities

  2. Nutrition guidelines are baseless and have contributed to the obesity and diabetes epidemics. The patient would likely be better off if the Nutritionist forgot about cooking and took him/her for a walk.

  3. Healthcare starts in the kitchen. If you eat junk food and expect a doctor to magically fix everything, you're in for some serious disappointment.

  4. On the other hand, the insurance I pay $650 for monthly doesn't cover a damn thing. I couldn't get a brain scan because it is $800 to do so. 😔 The system is broken.

  5. Big Think brings on a big Health Care CEO to share trite wisdom:
    An ounce of prevention is woeth a pound of cure.

  6. The health care system makes their money off of sick care no one gets better and you build big hospital campuses employ a lot of people but nobody gets better it's sick care.

  7. Yeah, but when the system is the highest priority, customers lose and that's where we're at now, whether it's single payer or private healthcare because controling costs is job one.

  8. its the economic system thats making people sick. no time for home cooking, no time for exercise, barely family time. murica is fked

  9. State insurance should have free gyms, free dietitians, and free physical trainers. Not everyone will go. Not everyone will be physically able mentally or physically to go. It would be beneficial to those that fall below the poverty line though to be able to seek out nutritionists and free safe spaces to work out in. Anyway, just my own thoughts.

  10. Funny how everybody argues that the health care problem can be solved by proper eating. Never heard that cancer, blood poisoning or accidents at work could be dealt with by eating healthy.

  11. Everything boils down to the system we live in today. Stress is a cause of many illnesses, can we live in a stress free society? no, not under this current system, structural violence is built within its core.

  12. Healthcare has divided into two categories.

    One is to treat a disease or an injury.

    The other is to protect from disease.

    Protection from disease comes mostly from vaccines, checkups, and a healthy lifestyle.
    So it is very sad that Michael Dowling did not mention vaccines and their future.

  13. AI 🤦‍♂️ I can think of many dam ideas on how to
    It's also privacy, you need to upgrade frame work
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    Blockchain or whatever
    Need environmental sensors
    The tech is a privacy issue
    😱 I'm an assol!
    The problem is business and a new economic model

  14. the key is loyalty everyone for their health. We're beginning it from awareness and commitment everyone (citizen, goverments, pharmacys, doctors, sciences, educations, nurses, hospitals, technologys). i want to discuss more about it with michael.D. but how can i do? i have ever learned sustainable healthcares' topic. thanks you for your attention but sorry, if my english's language have mistakes.

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