Why fans are calling the 13th Doctor the “Space Greta Thunberg” – BBC

When did you know… that it was Earth? Just before you did. Look, I know what you’re thinking. But it’s one possible future. It’s one timeline. You want me to tell you
that Earth’s going to be OK? Cos I can’t. In your time, humanity is busy
arguing over the washing-up while the house burns down. Unless people face facts
and change, catastrophe is coming. But it’s not decided. You know that. The future is not fixed. It depends on billions
of decisions, and actions, and people stepping up. Humans. I think you forget
how powerful you are. Lives change worlds. People can save planets,
or wreck them. That’s the choice. Be the best of humanity. Or… SNARLING ROARING

100 thoughts on “Why fans are calling the 13th Doctor the “Space Greta Thunberg” – BBC

  1. Remember the days when Sci-fi franchises were about adventure, fantasy and the wonders of the cosmos… and not overbearingly preachy, virtue-signalling, unsubtle political agendas?

  2. Why fans are calling the 13th Doctor the "Space Greta Thunberg" – Wow the internet REALLY knows how to roast someone. I mean I never liked Jodie but wow that's just cruel.

  3. Ha! I thought they should’ve dedicated this episode to Greta!!!

    It reminded me of the first “planet of the apes”, too.

  4. I would have liked to see a woman play Dr Who, especially if she were funny. But BBC ruined it! Everything has to be politicized. What happened to good, old entertainment?

  5. With this title the BBC just ruined any chance of this show being a success. Guaranteed 99% of the population doesn’t want to hear another whiny teenage girl shame them nonstop for destroying her life.

  6. Boris Johnson won the election.. and without a tardis.. he being a timelord.. he shall try to fit the future of UK by with his brexit.. .. boris.. is just another time lord.. but will his plan for the future fix it..?? Thanks for the upload..

  7. How dare you! How dare you!
    This is all wrong. I shouldn't be up here. I should be back on Gallifrey, in Time Lord Academy, on the other side of the Universe. Yet you all come to us Time Lords for hope. How dare you!

  8. I often question whether people who call the show "too woke" have ever watched any Doctor Who before Jodie Whittaker. I mean, the biggest villains the series has to offer, the Daleks, are analogies to fascism and genetic purity; similarly the Cybermen are analogies to cultural erasure and removal of individuality. Pretty much every story tackles an injustice somewhere, and science fiction draws parallels to our own reality all the time. This isn't the first story about how humanity took its world for granted with dreadful consequences, it was mentioned in Waters of Mars how humanity was on the brink of extinction due to war and environmental destruction.

    But I suppose this is the place we are coming to now. Where we aren't so much shooting the messenger, but flat out trying to blow them apart for even trying to remind us of an inconvenient truth. Where it's more important to be vitriolic and show greater enmity in response to the opposition than to maybe take heed of the red flags.

  9. The BBC, have really fucked up Doctor Who, nothing to do with Whittaker, just trying to be overly PC, Enough people about to spread the Eco message, get Doctor Who back to entertaining and drop the preaching. Start scaring people with monsters, not boring people with Storylines we can get on other platforms that may or may not be true. Come on BBC, Entertainment us, don't preach.

  10. Absolutely !

    Only she’s 13 times more irritating !
    And that insufferable lecture will extinguish enthusiasm for environmentalism wherever it is shown.

    If we become ‘Orphan 55’ – it will be her fault.

    How … dare she ? !

  11. You ruined this show.

    It went from being a fan favourite to being rated 7% on rotten tomatoes.

    Woke media is out of fashion. Get the memo.

  12. If chris chibnall doesnt step up his quality of episode like he did with broadchurch. Inwant him gone before the next season

  13. The attempted wokeness in this episode was as subtle as yelling in a library. I'm really trying to give series 12 a chance and watch it in its entirity but they're really not making that easy for me.

  14. I like Greta Thungberg as she has autism like me and we're about the same age abd I'm turning 19 on Feburary 9th, 2020.

  15. When you treat your audience like a bunch of idiots, children included, they're not gonna call it anything but shit. Terrible writing. Anyone who thinks this is good are alright with being preached at and having everything spelled out for them and has zero taste in good media.

  16. Haven’t watched any dr who since they changed it to a female and no longer in the appreciation society either after 30 years

  17. This episode was a mess imho and ended up being rather boring to me. The "green" message was just so in your face, not subtelty at all 🙅

  18. Just want to say my dislike doesn't come from disagreeing with the words being said it's the cringe feeling i get from the title. Maybe my vocabulary just lacks a better word to describe this video but I keep landing on words like desperate and bandwagon

  19. If you Google "Space Greta Thunberg" this video is the only hit that comes up with that phrase. So what's the deal with the title of this video?

  20. No, the fans are not calling her that. They are calling her lots of things but definitely not that.

    This show is dying. Put it out of its misery or go back to the formula that worked, i.e. an entertaining show for all the family with exciting stories and a charismatic lead actor.

  21. I found it so out-of-character for the doctor to leave people to fend for themselves and instead save herself and give a preachy speech. It would have been so much better if the message spoke for itself. Please BBC, find better writers and don't ruin doctor Who for us fans.

  22. Such an important message, and you let children and unlikeable tv show characters present the issues, and ignore the people who actually have the facts and do the work. Keep making the most important cause in our time look like a laughing stock. Keep it up.

  23. Biggest problem with doctor who atm is it is run by the BBC. Who are hopelessly mired and bogged down in their attempts to be 'modern' trying to cater for snowflakes , transgender, gender neutral, every race and colour and creed and trying to not offend one single human on the planet with anything they do or say. This organisation banned their presenters from saying snowman and encouraged people to believe in 100 different genders and unfortunatley dr who has to continue to embrace and support this bizzare way of human thinking which in my opinion has no bearing in common sense. DR who is meant to be a sci fi fantasy adventure program but right now its just badly written by writers with their hands tied by online influenced movements and agendas. It needs to get back to story telling not protesting.
    This episode would have been better without this speech at the end and a second part where they find an alien mastermind corrupting the future like they did in the tom baker episodes. Even the costume is in support of lgbtq movements etc their is just no need to ram it all down our throats just tell us damn stories make laugh cry and hide behind sofas and make your poltics known in tv interviews or conventions!
    As the outgoing top tv watchdog said quite pubically freedom of speech includes the right to offend , you have no right not to be offended.

  24. I want to be entertained not preached to with a load of apocalyptic climate change bullshit. You can keep that for Panorama and present the alternative view at the same time. Fat chance. BBC = Biased Bullshit Corporation.

  25. That's not really how time works in doctor who. The extinction of the human race would probably be a fixed point. She also could have probably saved the others instead of giving a speech . Species weve seen new new New York so we know earth will go belly up at some point anyway.

  26. More re rights of fairy tales to include propaganda, you have killed the franchise just like superman, batman, avengers. Re-education and fake stories. Only for the meek!!

  27. Well, both are cringy, preachy, overrated, way to politically motivated, and fake as hell, yet the media keeps white knighting for them.

    So I can see the comparison.

  28. I have been very disappointed in the series so far I was told to give the new dr a chance but come on an environmental lecture! This is supposed to be fun fast entertainment not a bunch of Ecco warriors. Bring back the old doctors they had charisma and I watch them over and over again, I’m afraid this series is a sorry disappoint

  29. HOW DARE YOU……Turn the show I used to love into a totally unwatchable load of shit used to push PC, SJW and climate change politics……Ffs BBC…..Stop trying to jam the wokeness down our throats and make Dr Who good fun Sci Fi with interesting and watchable story lines again please…..That 1:28 I just watched of abysmally woke shite is all I'll be watching of this series 🙁

  30. Yawn. Group think compulsion is not "billions of decisions". It is brainwashing like this crappy soap opera called Dr Who. Greta Thunberg's opinion is worth exactly nothing. It's all about funneling lots of public money into the hands of corporates like always. She is just the latest poster child for corporate greed.

  31. WOW No wonder this DR is failing. BBC is even more out of touch then Hollywood. And that is saying something. I at first thought this was a joke and then sadly I realized they were serious. SMH

  32. I love how the BBC thinks that the doctor being called "Space Greta Thunberg" is a compliment, whereas most people are using it to make fun of doctor woke … sorry doctor who.

  33. All climate talk aside…
    How can Dr Who have " possible futures "? If the Doctor travels in to the future all the time… which one is it?

  34. I wonder how many people who watch this, could actually see and understand the important message and warning, that she is projecting

  35. If this is the type of television programming/propaganda I’ll have to endure, then yeah F it, let’s just get the whole destruction of earth thing over with and put us out of our misery…

  36. I have not heard any fan what so ever call her this.
    I'll tell you what I have heard though. Preachy, annoying, dull and misguided.

  37. This could've been a great episode in the hands of someone else. A few rewrites and a more hard hitting message and it could've been a proper warning to humanity. Instead it was unfortunately a bit of a cringe fest.

  38. 3 days has gone and comments are still ON 🙂
    Yeah, I can understand the parallel with Greta Thunberg. Both defends the future of Earth vigorously. And both are right, in their own context. The movie lends it to some outlandish decision makers while Greta lends it to all of us as citizens of Earth. We have the choice to change our destiny, are we up to that task?

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