Why emergency medicine? With Nicholas Kman, MD | Ohio State Medical Center

I started thinking about medicine when I was
in high school and my parents are teachers so working in an academic center comes easy
to me because I think I grew up in that teaching environment. But I started to really think
about medicine as a high school junior and senior. And I shadowed a doctor at Parma Hospital
where I’m from in the Cleveland area and it was in the emergency department and I saw
what he did, you know, intubating somebody who couldn’t breathe and I just fell in love
with it. After I went to college I came back to Parma Hospital for my first summer and
I got a job in the operating room. And my job was just to clean up the operating rooms
and move patients around but I really enjoyed working in medicine. I love the teamwork,
the camaraderie, the teaching, the science, the research. Emergency medicine is a is so
rewarding and, you know, there’s certainly downsides to being an emergency physician,
we have to work Christmas and we sometimes work the weekends and things like that, but
there’s really no other specialty to me where you’re counted on to see any patient, anytime,
for anything and have to know the first several hours of any emergency. It’s just so fulfilling.
A shift for me is like seeing each patient at, you know, their most needy time of their
life and getting to treat them. And it’s like a series of of short stories that you can
read where you see different patients and you know I really enjoy the speed, the fact
that it’s fast paced, the fact that patients count on us in their their sickest times,
learning is nonstop and all those things for me in medicine and emergency medicine just
are very fulfilling.

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