Why do you like working at Parkland Medical Center?

[MUSIC PLAYING] I enjoy Parkland
Medical Center because of their
dedication to excellence, quality, and trying
to be the best. There’s an incredible
sense of community. Everybody knows each other. People are dedicated
to helping people in southern New Hampshire. I’m able to deliver really
good care to the people where they live. And I love the staff
that I work with. And I love the
patient population. There’s a real
opportunity for patients to have a very one on one
experience with the staff. What I enjoy most about
working at Parkland Medical Center is the team
approach to each patient. We truly treat each
patient as an individual. Our vision of the hospital is
to provide the perfect patient experience. We believe in that. We put that right
on our front sign. When you walk into
our main lobby, that’s the first
thing that you see. I can’t even describe
it, because you just– when you walk in,
you feel welcome. That’s the best part. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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