Why do you like working at John Randolph Medical Center?

[MUSIC PLAYING] I enjoy working at John
Randolph Medical Center because it has
always had a family sort of environment for me. And you get to know people. You get to know the staff
you’re working with. It’s a small town
community hospital. I think it’s the
philosophy of joy and love, the way they have
mirrored like a family. All the staff, people
working together to help people in the community. I think that when you’re
working with people, whether it be the patients or
the employees that are here, that you know
that these people are your neighbors. These are the people that
you see at the store. These are people you
see at the hardware store or the restaurant when
you’re out with your family. One thing about
being here is that we have to realize that patients
don’t want to be here. They don’t feel well. So I take every opportunity
I can in my time frame with transporting
them from one testing site to the next to make
them feel happy, to make them feel welcome, and do my best. It is a friendly environment. The people are great. I love working with my
colleagues, fellow physicians. Our mission statement is “Our
family taking care of yours, because we care.” And we really do.

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